CCA Previews ’18: Club Automatica

By Hannah Mah (18S06A), Chairperson, Somakala Subbaraman (18S06K), Secretary and Cai Jiaming (18S06E), Quartermistress

Have you ever been fascinated by your microwave or ever wondered how to escape the inevitable dominance robots will have over the human race? Well in Club Automatica, we won’t actually tell you about any of these but we can put you on the right track to find out more about the world of robotics.

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Ecoweek 2018: A Preview

By Clarine See (18S03G)

As the new year rolls around, us students will doubtlessly be armed with a mental list of improvements that we are determined to actualise this year, ranging from salvaging our academic careers to improving our relationships with others. In the midst of this goal-setting for the new year, One Earth and Community Advocates are here to give us a nudge and implore: what can we do to treat Earth, our shared home, more kindly in the coming year?

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CCA Previews ’18: Audio Visual Unit

By Kelly Ng (18S05A), Chairperson, and Fareen Rassemi (18A01D), Vice-Chairperson

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to be inside a control room? Perhaps you can see yourself leading sound checks, pulling off challenging light sequences, controlling sound qualities of instruments and working with ease in a dark room, unseen but ever-present—

But AV is truly, so much more than just that.

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