Jock Speak

By Sheryl Gwee (18A01D) You’ve heard these phrases thrown around—hollered across canteen tables, muttered in lecture halls. You’ve probably used quite a few of them yourself, being an active participant in school culture. Maybe, at some point in time, you’ve even wondered, “Why ‘fam’?  What’s that all about? Where’d that come from?” Well, we’ve done … Continue reading

Happiness: An Achievable Feat or a Beautiful Whim?

By Asfar Alim (18S03J) and Chung Sohyun (18A13A) Scrolling through our social media feeds, most of us, at some point, would have come across various “motivational” quotes on happiness. Framed against aesthetic wallpapers ranging from pastel watercolour splashes to butterflies poised on a delicate flower, these quotes often draw thousands of likes and shares, as … Continue reading

Preview: How Sharper Than a Serpent’s Tooth: A King Lear Parody

By Lee Chin Wee (14A01B) What do Raffles alumni do in their free time after graduation? Aside from two years of compulsory National Service for the guys, we end up getting involved in all sorts of activities: from studying till 2 am in the university library to fretting about getting the right internships so that … Continue reading

You Got (Soft) Served

By Calista Chong (18A01A), with guest writer Sophie Low (18S07A) After a laborious week of (and a month studying for) CTs, our real respite came in the form of Youth Day. What better way to spend it than to go food hunting? The reviewers visited two different soft serve places, Brother Bird and Matchaya, which … Continue reading

Lost in Translation

By Soh Ying Qi (18A01C) My mother, a staunch believer in the value of a Chinese education, has all but given up on trying to convert me. A few years ago, she decided everyone in the house needed to speak more Mandarin; the following weeks were a constant clash of cultures, during which I spoke … Continue reading

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