CCA Previews ’19: Hockey

By Natalie Law Xin Ying 19S06P (girls captain), Lauren Loy 19A01C (girls vice), Sarah Tan Jas-Lynn 19S03H (girls vice), Joash Tan 19S03C (boys vice)

Game face on, no fear.

Push, sweep, hit; score, cheer.

There has always been an indescribable beauty in the dynamics of a game of hockey – the unspoken chemistry, the satisfactory burst of dopamine from the soft ‘thud’ of a good tackle, the palpitating silence before a short corner; but nothing truly beats the feeling of contentment from the sense of camaraderie – all amalgamating into what can only be described as “teamwork makes the dream work”.

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CCA Previews ’19: Golf

By Emerson Boon (19A01D)

“So what CCA are you in?” “Oh, golf.” “I thought Golf shutdown already?” This was the scenario that I faced a multitude of times over the course of last year. Golf is the smallest CCA in RJC, with a whopping head count of 2 in the current Y6 batch. It would be no surprise for a student to not even realise that such a CCA exists; the only time our presence is made known is during the announcement of our Inter-School results. As such, I will try to give a Golf 101 in the following paragraphs.

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CCA Previews ’19: Chess Club

By Chess Club

Ever wanted to join a cool sport without having to sweat it out under the sun? Ever wanted the chance to spar with your friends after school and pit your wits against them? Ever wanted the satisfaction of taking on your opponents in exhilarating face-offs and emerging victorious? Well, look no further, because Chess Club is right here waiting for you to join the ranks of great minds like yours!

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