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A-Level 2021 Student Features: Finding Your Groove

By Clarice Tan (21A01C), Hong Wan Jing (22S06F), and Lara Tan (22A01B)

This year, Raffles Press invited eight accomplished Year 7s to share their experiences in JC. We hope that all of us can see a piece of ourselves reflected in their stories of leadership, service, and above all, resilience.

This is Part 1 of our A-Level 2021 Student Feature.

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2021 Homecoming Playlist—The Prelude

By Elizabeth Paulyn Gostelow (21A01B) and Rachel Ho (21A01B)

Few schools celebrate the beginning of an A-level year, much less christen it with a name that connotes ceremonious joy and the pinnacle of American high school culture. 

Rafflesians danced to our own tune: we deck out the first week in performances, giveaways, game shows and mobile furry animals to the fanfare of Homecoming Playlist. We do the rolled-out red carpet, the flashing lights, and the confetti all at once, or at least their equivalent under safe distancing regulations.

So here’s a recap of how the stars of the show—the beloved Year 6s—waltzed into their senior year this Homecoming.

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Please Mind the Platform Gap: Food In RI

By Coco Liu (20S06L) and Tay Jing Xuan (20S03C)

Disclaimer: All information is accurate as of time of writing, and may be subject to change.

The cheap and affordable, yet rich flavours of the canteen food may be what some of us are looking forward to when we return to school after the December holidays. Those looking for quick titbits to grab from Chill@RI in between tutorials and lectures can finally do so, too. But with so much to choose from when deciding on a meal or a snack, some of us may feel overwhelmed. After all, do you even remember all that’s sold at the school canteen? Fortunately, we have compiled a list of what is sold at the canteen, Chill@RI, and Professor Brawn Café for you to pick out the food you want!

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The Pain Behind Poise: An Interview with the Author of ‘Embrace’

By Rachel Ho (21A01B)

The first sign was when Elizabeth Paulyn Gostelow (21A01B) had to sit on a chair during Burning Bridges, instead of cross-legged on the floor. Though it puzzled me, I never ventured to enquire further. 

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Among Art: Year Five Art Showcase

By Elizabeth Paulyn Gosteow (21A01B) and Samyak Jain (21S03A)

‘SHHHHHH! Who is the imposter among us?’ For many, this is the familiar loading screen of the popular game ‘Among Us’. This year, the Year 5 H2 Art students have brought to us an interesting twist on this much-loved game with their 2020 ‘Among Art’ art showcase.

The art showcase is an annual themed event where Year 5 Art students exhibit the work they created throughout the year, from individual journals to large installations. 

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