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Over the Moon: Underdone

By Max Chwa (21A01B)

Rating: ★★★☆☆

It’s hard not to feel proud when an aspect of one’s culture somehow permeates the Western consciousness. Sure, it’s more than a little colonial, but perhaps everyone raised on Western media doomed to feel this way. So when Over the Moon was released on Netflix, I couldn’t help myself— I simply had to watch it.

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Shades of Green: Miyazaki’s Take on Environmentalism

By Elizabeth Paulyn Gostelow (21A01B) and Rachel Ho (21A01B)

Studio Ghibli classics have long prevailed over the ebb and flow of film trends, and their recent debut on streaming platforms has only cemented their place as perennial masterpieces. The animation studio has teamed up with streaming giants such as Netflix, Hulu and HBO Max to immerse audiences around the globe in the fantastical world of Ghibli. While Ghibli films offer a perfect respite from dreary quarantine life, their true charm lies in their percipience of the human condition, and can invoke much reflection among viewers. 

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