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Rafflesian Times: Life is Bigger Than You

Reading Time: 13 minutes

Published online at Rafflesian Times
By Michelle Zhu (15A01B), Nicholas Baey (15S03F), and Teo Yao Neng (3G)

In 2014, two of our alumni, Major-General (MG) Perry Lim (RI, 1988; RJC 1990) and Rear-Admiral (RADM) Lai Chung Han (RI, 1989; RJC 1991) were appointed as Chief of Army and Chief of Navy respectively. In this interview, they share their candid thoughts about Singapore and the armed forces, as well as the life lessons they gleaned from their time in RI.

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Mr Chan Poh Meng Speaks

Reading Time: 8 minutes

By Tan Jun Xiang (14S06C) and Allison Choong (14S05B)

Perhaps the biggest headline that featured on our website last year was the departure of our long-serving principal, Mrs. Lim Lai Cheng. Yet even as we look back on the sweeping changes of the past 5 years, we also welcome the arrival of Mr. Chan Poh Meng – an ex-principal of Victoria Junior College who has taken over the task of helming our school.

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Rafflesian Times #1: Black Holes and Revelations

Reading Time: 9 minutes

By Allison Choong (14S05B) , Bryan Chua (14A01A), Jeremy Khoo (14A01B), Law May Ning (14S03O), Lee Chin Wee (14A01B), Justin Tan Tse 4G and Khairillah Irwan 3B

It is the new form of confession: the anonymity of the confessional booth replaced by that of the Internet, and fellow Facebook users collectively donning the robe of the priest.  As they say, vox populi, vox dei.

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