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CCA Previews ’21: Mathematics Club

By Le Viet Hung (21S06E), Secretary cum Treasurer, Wang Yunrui (21S06E), Vice-Chairperson and Wang Yuxuan (21S02A), Chairperson

Are you interested in mind-blowing ideas? Are you thrilled by the rush of satisfaction that comes when you finally solve an impossible problem? Do you yearn for a community that shares a common interest with you in Mathematics? Then Math Club would be the place for you!

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CCA Previews ’21: Gavel Club

By Karunya Madhavan (21S03B), Chairperson, Er Yi Heng (21S03F), Vice-Chairperson, and Sruthi Muralikrishna (21S03B), Vice-Chairperson

“We need to talk.” 

These words might fill one’s heart with nervousness and fear. Have you heard them from a vicious ex you just met at McDonalds? From a friend you just had some rifts with? From your parents who found out about your secret stash of expensive chocolates on your shelf? Oh dear. 

In Gavel, chances are that you will be hearing these words pretty often. 

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CCA Previews ’21: Film Society

By Chu Sida (21A01A), Quartermaster, Alyssa Khoo Wen Yan (21S03H), Treasurer, Loke Sun Yi (21A01B), Vice-Chairperson, and Chiang Yee Ting Isabelle (21A13A), Chairperson

We’re not sure if you know this yet, but you’re actually a wizard. The camera is your wand: powerful, precious, and full of light. Your spells? Film techniques, everything from colour theory to editing tricks. Your Professors of the Arts, calmly waiting for you nervous first-years to step hesitantly across our protective threshold, are our lovely film teachers Ms Joanna Ng and Ms Audrey Tan. Not to mention, we, your excited seniors, anxious to see you arrive from across the moat in your little boats, fascinated by just about everything. Yes, you’ve finally received it: this is your official invitation letter to Hogwarts.

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CCA Previews ’21: Track and Field

By Roy Ng (21S06N), Captain and Emily Ong (21S06P), Captain

When you think about track, you might envision a painful, monotonous, individualistic sport with no real need for teamwork. You might imagine a group of jocks only caring about how fast they can run, how high they can jump, or how far they can throw. But track is so much more than just that.

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CCA Previews ’21: Raffles Street Dance

By Matthew Ting (21A13A), Chairperson


Arms outstretched towards the centre, palms stacked on top of one another’s, you, the team, cheer one last time. With hasty but firm footsteps, you approach the stage, your crewmates by your side. Taking one last glimpse at the comfort of the curtains on the side of the stage, you set your eyes on the audience. The lights dim, the bass of the soundtrack amplifying in the background, and the show begins. Welcome to Raffles Street Dance!

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