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CCA Previews ’19: Raffles Economics and Current Affairs Society

By Lin Jiachen (19S03D), Chairperson

In the past few years, the tangled ties of world affairs have bundled into a tedious knot, while the roller-coaster ride that is economics has added a couple more slopes to give one a rather hair-raising thrill. Yet, if you are undaunted by these developments, and in fact wish for a platform to vent your opinions; or if, perhaps, you are one of those brave ones who want to know more, then RECAS is the CCA for you.
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CCA Previews ’19: Raffles Interact

By Raffles Interact

Service starts with the smallest of actions – simply being there and enjoying the relationship with the people that you serve. Spending time with them every week, these seemingly inconspicuous gestures have the potential to build genuine and trusting relationships that can have profound impact on the lives we hope to touch. Service is what defines Interact, and the passion to make a difference is what binds the 160-member club together.

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CCA Previews ’19: Raffles Photographic Society

By Raffles Photographic Society

Photography goes beyond just clicking the shutter and taking the photo – thought has to go into the type of composition that you desire; and even lighting conditions need to be considered for the final photograph.

Here in the Raffles Photographic Society, we provide you with both the expertise as well as the platform for you to develop your individual photography skills! We have professional local photographers that come down for our sessions to not only impart valuable advice about our very own photographs, but also expose our members to various styles & techniques of photography.

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CCA Previews ’19: Swimming

By Elizabeth Lee (19S03C) and Kathlyn Laiu (19S05A), Girls’ Captains and Daryl Tan (19S03F) and Dylan Siew (19S06E), Boys’ Captains

The Raffles Swim Team consists of disciplined and courageous Rafflesians willing to give their all to fulfil their full potential in the water. While many students are fast asleep there are many days where swimmers wake up at 4:45am and plunge into the cold waters at 5:30am to squeeze in a training session before school. But we are not done for the day. After a long, tiring day of school, we head back into the pool for yet another training session before heading home to hit the books. This is a common daily routine of a swimmer.

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CCA Previews ’19: Waterpolo

By Kervin Tsai (19S06C), Boys’ Captain, Nicole Lim (19A01C), Girls’ Captain, Adriel Lee (19S03M), Boys Vice-Captain and Georgia Lim (19S06F), Girls Vice-Captain

Water polo, like most sports, is adrenaline-inducing, physically demanding and can get quite rough. It’s exciting to watch and exhilarating to play – which is one reason why we love the sport and hope you will too.

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