CCA Previews ’19: Hockey

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By Natalie Law Xin Ying 19S06P (girls captain), Lauren Loy 19A01C (girls vice), Sarah Tan Jas-Lynn 19S03H (girls vice), Joash Tan 19S03C (boys vice)

Game face on, no fear.

Push, sweep, hit; score, cheer.

There has always been an indescribable beauty in the dynamics of a game of hockey – the unspoken chemistry, the satisfactory burst of dopamine from the soft ‘thud’ of a good tackle, the palpitating silence before a short corner; but nothing truly beats the feeling of contentment from the sense of camaraderie – all amalgamating into what can only be described as “teamwork makes the dream work”.


More than just a sport, Hockey has evolved way beyond the fundamental technical skills and tactics involved. It is a game of passion, of perseverance, of pure grit. Through both losses and wins, the game has really demonstrated what it means to have no “I” in “Team” – that the team is beyond any individual, and that a team is when many become one.

It is the inherent nature of this sport that also taught us more than we could bargain for. Physical attributes such as stamina and speed, albeit essential, can only bring us so far. Discipline, determination, diligence; the game has placed and will only continue to place us in situations allowing us to grow in character – something for all of us to carry off the pitch as well.


Train as a team, laugh as a team, win as a team, lose as a team, but most importantly, fight as a team.

Every year, both the boys and girls teams take part in the National Inter-School Games for A Division Hockey in the first half of the year. In the year 2018, under the expert guidance of our respective coaches as well as immense effort put in by everybody, the Boys team emerged as champions and the Girls team won 6th overall. Although most of our girls start out with little to no experience (most of us come from a wide range of sport and non-sport CCAs), we train hard so that we can give our best in each match. Regardless of the outcome, we give it our best shot so that every training session will pay off.


Trainings are typically held on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5–8pm, with locations varying from the school hockey turf to the full-sized pitches at Delta and Sengkang. Trainings start off with warm-ups before slowly progressing to basic stickwork, drills and long-awaited game playoffs. Every training ends a little sweeter (and a little sorer), knowing full well that each session will only serve to help us improve ourselves that little bit more.


Has this sparked your interest in hockey? Why not come down for our CCA trials and give it a try! If you are worried about having no experience, fret not as our only criteria is a willingness to learn and to give your best. There’s no doubt that this journey will be not be easy, full of ups and downs amidst an unforgiving and possibly tumultuous JC life. But fret not, for the sense of fulfillment, coupled with the memories made, will make this journey your best one yet.

If you’re looking for a CCA that will give you a platform to not only be stronger and fitter, but to learn how to persevere and work for what you want, hockey can do that for you. Above all, it will be a place where you will find a team that you can rely on and grow with; a family both on and off the pitch.


One can train the perfect dribble,

Or master the perfect touch, but alone we can do so little,

Together we can do so much

Teamwork makes the dream work,

A wondrous tapestry,

Woven with every little quirk,

That’s when team becomes family.


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