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WEP Previews ’22: Raffles Reflects

Reading Time: 3 minutes

By Er Kay Lynn (22A13A)

Be prepared for some mental gymnastics every week.

What does it mean to reflect? For the enthusiastic science student, it’s what a wave does when it hits a surface. For the insightful one, it’s sitting in silence to meditate on life. For those of us in the Raffles Reflects classroom, it’s what we’re supposedly doing with our 2 hours every Wednesday afternoon. In reality, the average Reflects student spends them confused, grilled by our teacher (Mr Caleb Liu), and sifting through philosophical writings. 

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CCA Previews’22: Raffles Runway

Reading Time: 4 minutes

By Raffles Runway Batch’22

216 hours. 12 designers. 1 family. 

Raffles Runway is the perfect home for anyone with an affinity for the world of fashion design. Fret not if pursuing fashion without any prior experience or former knowledge intimidates you, because this was just as new to us a year ago. Learning fashion design may seem like a daunting ambition, but under the right guidance, your technical expertise will come in time. That’s precisely the platform that Raffles Runway provides: a casual yet professional programme that equips you with a suite of useful skills by polishing your creative side.

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CCA Previews ’22: Raffles Players

Reading Time: 5 minutes

By Karthika Warrier (22S06B), Chairperson, Audrey Lee (22A13A), Vice-chairperson, Er Kay Lynn (22A13A), Quartermistress, Letitia Chen (22A01B), Quartermistress, Megan Sierra Chan (22A13B), Secretary

You are standing in the middle of an empty stage, lit only by a single spotlight. A figure approaches you from the darkness, visible only by the light gleaming off his drawn blade. You throw an insult at him, petty barbs being your final line of defence. He does not take kindly to it. 

“What, you egg?” He stabs you. Ouch. This is your end. 

And… end scene!

Live your life in perpetual melodrama? Truly believe that you’re the main character? Want a chance to bring your High School Musical fantasies to life? Well then, Raffles Players is just the place for you!

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CCA Previews ’22: Touch Rugby

Reading Time: 4 minutes

By Low Tiat Kai (22S06N), Captain, Nithila Ravindran (22S03B), Vice-Captain, Kuik Tze-Tinn (22S03E), Quarter Mistress, and Amanda Lai (22S03K), Treasurer 

Do you know what “dumping” looks like in Touch Rugby? What about a “quickie”? Well, these are just some of the terms used to describe movements and skills related to the beautiful game of touch rugby. Dump, split, pass, dive and…score! If you love the adrenaline that comes with sprinting down the field, the synergy of working together as one team, the thrill of scoring a touchdown, then look no further, our CCA is the one for you!

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