Author: Raffles Press

The Aftermath of Project Work: Confessions and Reflections

Reading Time: 6 minutes

By Isabel Siow (16S03I) and Tasha Palani (16S03P)

Dear Rafflesians,
Remember being asked about your worst Project Work experiences last year?

Our sincerest apologies for dredging up those memories again. However, with the end of the school term and the resultant closure of the Project Work (PW) nightmare we’d all love to forget, it is high time that we reflect on this journey that we have carried each other through. We have collected the following accounts from a variety of batch mates who were happy to share their stories with us! We sincerely hope that this article will provide an appropriate finale for your PW trials and, at the same time, provide some useful pointers for the next few batches of candidates to come.

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Preview: Replay

Reading Time: 3 minutes

By Raffles Press

Next Monday, Raffles Jazz will be holding their concert, Replay! With Replay, Raffles Jazz will take us deeper into the well-loved fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood, where we will find out what really happened in her fateful encounter in her grandmother’s house. Unfortunately, tickets have already sold out—and within 50 minutes to boot! No doubt you have noticed their creepy yet extremely well-designed posters around school, which have contributed to much of the hype over Replay. Thankfully, we do not have long to wait! Raffles Press visits the President of Raffles Jazz, Priscilla Goh, to find out more about Replay.

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