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Feel the Heat: Summer of Love ’17

Reading Time: 5 minutes

By Nadiya Nesseer (17S03B), Nicki Chan (18S03C), and Asfar Alim (18S03J)

On a bright afternoon in 1967, one hundred thousand young people convened in San Francisco to celebrate the culture of hippies, or “flower children”, with love, unity and merriment. Almost 50 years later on 5th May, Raffles Jazz’s highly anticipated annual concert, Summer of Love, took place within Raffles Institution’s very own Performing Arts Centre.

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Proof: What the Players Have to Say

Reading Time: 5 minutes

By Catherine Zou (17A01B)

Photos by Erika Poh (17S03P)

I am a Player.

This has meant many things: fact-checking reviews of Players productions, being informed that I have a “theatrical quality”, and most importantly, being part of the yearly rush towards production. At this point of the year, conversations with fellow Players often revolve around the subject of ticket sales and publicity plans. With one week to go before production, our schedules orbit around rehearsals, publicity efforts, and set-building.

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One Last Shot: Bowling ‘A’ Division Championship 2017

Reading Time: 3 minutes

By Jeslyn Tan (18S06R) and Carman Chew (17A01D)

Photos by Regine Chan (18S03D), Matilda Yeong (18S03H) and Francis Fermandez (18S03L)

 ‘WHAT TEAM?’ The loud cry of successful bowlers echoed through the bowling alley, fists pumping the air in victory every time they scored a strike. The answering cheer was a resounding ‘RAFFLES!’

Surrounded by friends, family, teachers and fellow students, Raffles Bowling took to the lanes once again and came back with phenomenal results.

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Making a Splash: Swimming Nationals 2017

Reading Time: 4 minutes

By Nadine Staes-Polet (18A01B)

Photos courtesy of Nadya Bhandari (18S03Q) and Ms Anna Foo

The atmosphere is tense as the swimmers take their places on the plunge boards. The shrill whistle is the only sound heard in the OCBC Aquatic Centre. And then the crowds erupt in cheers and chants as the swimmers hit the water.

Over the five days of competition, from April 17 to 25, this scenario was played over and over again, as the Raffles swimmers pitched their skills and speed against competitors from other junior colleges.

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