CCA Previews ’23: Recreational Badminton

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For many of us, physical activities, especially in the form of sports, are an indispensable part of our lives. Everyone stands to gain much from sports, be it a team sport like football, martial arts such as taekwondo, or even more skill based sports such as bowling. 

Some play to give our body the regular pump it needs to stay fit as a fiddle, while others play to seek an adrenaline rush, or for numerous other reasons.. This is why all kinds of people are welcome at Recreational Badminton, or RecBad, as more fondly known by its members.

Sports CCAs in RI are lauded for their impressive achievements, deservingly so after their months of hardwork and unwavering commitment to innumerable rigorous training sessions. However, some people seek to garner their focus on other aspects of their lives such as their academics or their other aspirations, and are unable to commit to arduous sports training sessions in addition to that. Yet, a sense of camaraderie and belonging is something many of us desire, along with happy memories to look back on as our education journey quickly nears its end. If you are one of these people, RecBad is the place for you.

RecBad is a CCA that provides you with an enjoyable experience every session. Without any looming competitions and strenuous training sessions, it provides a wonderful environment for interested individuals to exhibit their passion for the sport. And, given the stringent prerequisites to get into Badminton, RecBad is the perfect alternative for badminton lovers.

In fact, you need NO prerequisites to join RecBad! From a complete beginner who does not even know how to play badminton, to an experienced player with years under his belt, all are welcomed to join! So what is actually required from you? Well, just show up for CCA sessions with a racquet and bring a heart filled with passion for the sport! And that’s it, really.

RecBad’s commitment is a very manageable 2 hours per week, as the perfect start to our Wednesday Gap Days. These sessions are your respite from your hectic JC schedules, and taking your mind off the copious amounts of work you are continually loaded with!

So, what does a typical session of RecBad look like? We report to the Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH) at 8 in the morning and help set up the courts. Of course, most of us will come in feeling absolutely lethargic and half-dazed. However, fret not! Remember how you don’t need any prerequisites to join RecBad? This is where RecBad does its magic and takes away all sleepiness. 

After an enjoyable 2 hours, we typically pack up at 10 a.m., but the fun does not end there. Most of us traditionally head down to the canteen to have a drink or two, and a fun chat or just to hang out after. Then, we’re rejuvenated and off to have a productive Gap Day!

BUT WAIT, there’s so much more to look forward to above the regular recreational play! With the easing of Covid restrictions, we once again get the opportunity to organise our internal badminton tournaments, and soon even inter-school competitions with other RecBad CCAs, such as those from Hwa Chong Institution and Anderson-Serangoon Junior College! We strive to organise these events once again, and to bring more fun and joy to RecBad. (If you join, you will get a taste of these events as well!)

There is truly so much to gain from RecBad. Beyond simply enjoying the sport, RecBad is a congregation of a diverse group of people, with many focusing on other commitments such as other CCAs and VIAs. RecBad is a great platform to meet new people whom you can cultivate strong friendships and bonds with, expanding your social circle in JC. Our vision at RecBad is to allow people to form lasting friendships that will remain strong even after our imminent graduation of our short 2-year JC runway. 

Feeling interested yet? Then come join us! (Slots run out quick, so be quicker!) With just a badminton racquet and a passion for badminton, you’ll fit right into our CCA.

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