CCA Previews ‘23: Raffles Runway

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By Raffles Runway Exco’22 

In this whole new season of Raffles Runway, the show is back with 12 new designers. They are bold, fierce, and ready to give their all. Faced with emotional highs and lows, how will they prevail? 

Each Wednesday morning (8-11am), they congregate in a classroom to take lessons from instructors (some are well-known in the fashion circle as well). Imagine SkillsFuture but more fun, especially since they are occasionally treated to an entertaining, eye-opening trip to fashion exhibitions. They learn about the thriving fashion scene and history in Singapore and are inspired to create and trailblaze. 

More importantly, outside of sessions, the designers actively engage in lively discussions. With conversations on topics ranging from the latest hits and flops at the Met Gala to relatable sewing TikToks, it’s safe to say that fashion has become part and parcel of the designers’ lives. Additionally, Runway is a space where everyone can find a place for themselves. They might not all be cut from the same cloth, but each designer is sure to find camaraderie and kinship in the safe haven of Runway.

Keen to join us but have no experience? Fret not as no prior fashion expertise is required. All we’re looking for is a burning passion for fashion and the heart to learn. Raffles Runway welcomes you with open arms!

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