CCA Previews’ 23: Chess Club

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By Natania Quek (23A01B, Chairperson), and Isaac Teo (23S06E, Vice-Chairperson)

Former world chess champion Garry Kasparov once said, “Chess is life in miniature. Chess is struggle, chess is battles.”

At Raffles Chess Club, we think of chess not just as a game but also as an imitation of life itself. In life, we inevitably hit crossroads where we are forced to make crucial decisions that can alter the trajectory of our lives. Missteps are unavoidable; what determines the future outcome of our endeavours is our receptiveness towards learning from our blunders. Chess is exactly the same: a simulation of life confined within 64 squares. Be prepared for an electrifying game of strategy and tactics that puts your mind to the test!

We conduct weekly training sessions every Wednesday from 8.30 am – 10.30 am at B21. A vibrant and spirited environment, members are often found engaging in chess games, providing insightful commentary while spectating matches, or enjoying music over a game of chess. From intense bullet games, serious long matches, to riveting transfer chess, our sessions provide members an avenue to experiment with different time controls and chess styles. Members also analyse their games together, allowing them to gain valuable insights and improve their level of play. Our CCA sessions help build a fun-loving and supportive community, thereby forging strong friendships.

Our members also participate in an array of tournaments which hone our skills and provide us with greater exposure. Some tournaments include the National Inter-School Team Chess Championships, Raffles Chess Championships and NUS Intervarsity Mind Sports Championship. Not only do these tournaments strengthen our mental and emotional resilience as we persevere through hardships, they also teach us to work together as a team that encourages and motivates one another. Furthermore, they constantly remind us that there is still a lot to be learned in the game we love.

Unlike other CCAs, no prerequisites are required for our CCA as we believe in creating an environment where everyone can enjoy chess regardless of their skill level.

Have you always wanted to pursue chess or are you looking for like-minded individuals to have fun with? If so, join the Raffles Chess Club today!

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