ARTseason Returns to RI

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By Tang Lanyun (23S05A)

Amidst the tropical showers of May, the previously dormant RI arts scene sprang back to life in an explosion of colour. The next two weeks saw a flourish of showcases and displays by the various arts CCAs, with the Arts Assembly on the 5th of May properly kicking things off.

As we all scrambled to identify our classmates on the projector screens, we were treated to a myriad of dazzling performances that synthesised both the technical and the emotive. Infused with good humour from the emcees, as well as insights into the inner workings of the performing arts CCAS, the Assembly was a truly wondrous showcase of the talents RI had in store. The CCAs featured were Modern Dance, Guitar Ensemble, Chorale, Players and Jazz.

The dedication of the performers shone through the spirited performances, with each CCA presenting a vibrant and harmonious piece, no doubt the product of countless hours of toil. The Q&A segment that followed revealed both insights and industry secrets, allowing us an illuminating look into the performers’ creative processes. I particularly enjoyed learning about the different types of guitars used in Guitar Ensemble, as well as the difference between ‘elevator music’ and ‘real jazz music’.

The vibrant mood of the assembly, coupled with the artistry and ingenuity displayed on screen, created an enchanting experience I forget anytime soon.

Aside from the Arts Assembly, several of the school’s art-focused clubs and societies, namely Art Club, Raffles Photographic Society and Raffles Runway, presented their works at various areas scattered around the school.

The area outside the Innovation Centre displayed the works of Raffles Photographic Society rendered in stunning quality, each image offering a look at the world through the unique perspective of a fellow schoolmate. Art Club’s showcase in the Stamford Training Room featured handcrafted ceramic mugs and lovingly rendered charcoal drawings of the members themselves. Upon surveying the artworks on show, what stands out isn’t just the members’ keen eye for detail and artistic prowess, but also the strong bonds of friendship within the CCA. 

It goes without saying that each showcase was a labour of love and an impressive feat in its own right. To me personally though, Raffles Runway’s showcase was the most intriguing, and no doubt invited the most footfall, being located at the canteen. 

Displaying an array of sketches and photographs, the showcase evoked a sense of futurism and innovation tempered with 00’s nostalgia, a tough balance to strike as any. The photographs, depicting students as the stylishly-posed models, looked as if they were straight out of a Harajuku fashion magazine. Judging from all the turned heads, I reckon passers-by were surely left with the knowledge that the future of fashion was in good hands. 

Our resident fashion designers, Raffles Runway’s exhibition at the canteen.

Ultimately, as ARTseason draws to a close, let’s not forget the energy and vibrancy that this  period has brought us. Although ARTseason may not be evergreen, the atmosphere of creativity remains ever-present in RI, kept alive by the devoted performers and artists who dwell in these halls.

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