CCA Previews ’22: Rugby

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By Raffles Rugby

Discipline is the best policy.

Although rugby is known to be a physical sport played by the good looking and chubby people, it is a sport meant for people of all sizes. This sport teaches you to put others before yourself and builds resilience. Through the physical and mental warfare, as well as the highs and lows of our journey together, an unbreakable bond between teammates is formed.

Facing the Saints haka with our Jawlines. *Picture taken pre-Covid.

Ruggers are often associated with the terms “outspoken”, “disciplined”, “chunky” and “intelligent” and that’s entirely right. Known for livening up the canteen, conserving energy during tutorials, and never staying away from trouble, we are all that and much more.

Many believe that we only accept muscular men above 180cm. But please note that this is a common misconception held by fake Raffles Rugby players! (It is merely a benchmark, we actually prefer 190.)

Catching ball as always.*Picture taken pre-Covid.

But on a serious note (although we were serious all along), rugby is a sport for everyone. It is a sport that can change people. The steep learning curve might seem daunting initially, but anyone who is “coachable” (willing to learn) can learn the sport with just a little training and hardwork. This is a sport that builds character and tenacity, a sport that brings out the best in oneself. Winston Churchill even said that “Rugby is a hooligan’s game played by gentlemen.” Winston Churchill never played rugby.

Caring coaches <3. *Picture taken pre-Covid.

Before COVID-19, we trained 3 times a week from 3.30pm to 7pm, assuming there were no extra 40-60-80 suicides, PT or karaoke sessions after training (not to mention the long cramping sessions on our trip home).

Showing off thigh muscles during the Kiwi Cup. *Picture taken pre-Covid.

The first main event to look forward to as a Raffles Rugger is the annual “Kiwi Cup” between Raffles Institution and Saint Andrew’s Junior College. It is a game where we play our hearts out as our friends wonder what in the world is going on. The drums sound quite nice though. Although the 2021 game was unfortunately cancelled due to COVID-19, we are hoping to reclaim the trophy that we narrowly lost in 2020 (not so good old days). 

The second main event is the National School Games (NSG), where we dress in Green Black White and fight for not only the crest on our chests but the brothers at our breasts. While the 2021 season was cancelled, everyone is training hard and getting ready for the next NSG.

Players conserving energy for NSG.

However, due to COVID-19, all we can look forward to is Touch (commonly misspelled as TRUG) during training and wonderful food recommended by our lovely forwards (professional food tasters).

Below is an exquisite and heartwarming quote from “Charming” Cruz Chan (winner of most dazzling rugger 2021).

“Rugby has been one of the highlights of JC so far despite the many restrictions due to COVID. While the training itself has been very enjoyable, the most memorable moments have come from the bonds that I have forged with my teammates.” (edited to remove grammar mistakes)

Spot Charming Cruz Chan (hint: he is not taking the knee) and claim free ice cream from him. *Picture taken pre-Covid.

Indeed Raffles Rugby is much more than a CCA or an eCCA. We are a band of brothers that support each other through the toughest of times and celebrate the greatest of achievements. The intense training, the occasional banters and fights, the adrenaline rush from the thrilling matches—you can be certain that you will not regret your decision to join rugby.

*Cover image taken pre-Covid.

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