CCA Previews ’22: Floorball

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By Kate Lai (22S03D), Girls’ Captain, Hanna Insyirah (22A01C), Girls’ Vice-Captain, Jenica Tan (22A13A), Girls’ Vice-Captain, Jeevan (22S06K), Boys’ Captain, Chester Lim (22S06R), Boys’ Vice-Captain, Khew Tung Chuan (22A13B), Boys’ Vice-Captain

Wrist. Drag. Slap. Repeat. 

Floorball is a high-intensity and fast-paced game that entails quick decision-making and team chemistry, which are key to creating a magical play-up that gets you the goal. 

This exciting team sport is played on indoor courts with 5 field players and a goalie on each side. A match is typically played in 3 periods of 20 minutes each, and ties are broken through a penalty shootout. Each shift on court lasts a mere 45 seconds—be it to dribble, pass, or shoot, there are endless possibilities to what one can do with just a stick and a ball. 

Under the guidance of our teachers-in-charge, Mr Benjamin Fong, Ms Emerlyn Tay and Mr Zainul Ariffin, we have built a team that is united in achieving our goals. Our coaches, Jill, Benjamin and Theresa Quek, are established and skilled floorballers themselves. Their valuable commitment to coaching and mentorship has inspired us to become the best version of ourselves, in terms of our floorball skills as well as our character.

While prior experience is not required for this CCA, familiarising yourself with a stick and handling the ball may be a daunting task for those who are new to the sport. But with the support and guidance of our teammates and coaches alike, the steep learning curve enables our growth in an empowering manner. Within months, your stick will become your best friend and your improvements will certainly be rewarding!

Stickwork drills being performed in the Indoor Sports Hall.

In a typical CCA session, every member does some passing, dribbling and shooting drills to work on the basics of the game. Team drills follow, along with vital court simulations, as we learn how to attack and defend. Allocated game time also allows each member to apply what they have learnt and express their creativity in their gameplay, in preparation for competitions. 

On top of the floorball aspect, each CCA session also entails a physical training portion, from team runs to gym sessions to bodyweight exercises, in order to condition team members and maintain a high level of fitness. These sessions are conducted 3 times a week during season, and taper off to twice a week during off-season periods. Prior to internal exams, CCA sessions are halted for us to focus on revision. 

In addition to physical aptitude, traits such as resilience, teamwork and decision-making are essential skills needed to excel in the sport. RI Floorball consists of student athletes with the right attitude, passion and commitment to the sport. Values such as discipline and respect are integral to the CCA, as we empower each other to strive towards our goals. 

However, floorball isn’t just about winning championships—it also involves having fun and building relationships that will support you throughout your JC experience. With JC undeniably being a stressful period in our lives, floorball has definitely allowed us to unwind, de-stress and just chill with our teammates and friends.

Batch’22 of the Girls’ team.

Batch’22 of the Boys’ team.

Despite being hit by an unprecedented challenge in the form of a global pandemic, our experiences have neither diminished nor been undermined. We have quickly adapted to the situation by conducting engaging online CCA sessions during the Heightened Alert periods. Through stickwork drills, gameplay reviews and discussions, as well as consistent fitness sessions, we have been able to maintain a competitive level of skill and fitness. We have also been able to keep in touch with the rest of the team with bonding sessions, despite the lack of face-to-face sessions, from time to time. Members were also encouraged to engage in their own physical training and stickwork practices on top of the eCCA sessions to further improve themselves. This is a pertinent example of how self-discipline and the correct attitude can go a long way in floorball.

Floorballers watch on as a match is ongoing.

Wrist. Drag. Slap. Repeat. For us, floorball isn’t simply a CCA. It is a platform to express ourselves, a place where we can challenge ourselves, and at the same time, feel at home. 

Long-lasting friendships can be forged in your time here with us, and we are sure that you will not be discouraged by the intensity of the sport, and instead enjoy what the CCA has to offer. With the right mindset and attitude, floorball will definitely be a sport that you, too, will enjoy and grow to love. If you believe that our fulfilling and uniquely-bonded CCA ticks all your boxes in your pursuit for a new CCA, do give RI Floorball a shot!

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