The Brain of the Student Body

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This is the foreword of Issue 3 of Cross Island Impressions, a national student paper, the product of a collaboration between 8 different school newspapers. You can read the full issue here.

By Shaun Loh (21A01A)

One of my seniors once mentioned that a school paper should strive to be the heartbeat of the student body. To me, that metaphor so aptly encapsulates the meaning and purpose of student journalism—to nourish and pump life into the school community. Notwithstanding, I also found another bodily metaphor to be just as fitting: the brain, the organ that triggers networks and connections. Just as student journalism can resonate on an intimate, personal level, it can also provide a platform for novel perception and understanding. 

Issue 3 of Cross Island Impressions has expanded tremendously from previous issues, whether in the number of writers, articles or topics covered. From inquiries on imposter syndrome and IP-JAE dynamics within certain school populations, to much needed coverage on unsung heroes behind our everyday school routines, the writers of this issue scrutinise issues that are so important to us teenagers. Examining common vulnerabilities, they uncover nuggets of insight that inculcate oneness across space. 

The concept of Cross Island Impressions came into fruition at the height of the pandemic in 2020. Hoping to sustain the camaraderie between school papers in Singapore, my seniors took great pains to connect the ideas and inspirations of student journalists across the nation, via Zoom and Google Meet. Now, as we stand in the face of the “new normal”, I hope that student journalism will continue to survive the test, make connections and be the brain of the student body. No matter what new initiatives spring up, we are all writing the same narrative in different words. 

It has been a real honour to meet and work with so many vibrant individuals through this platform. To Jiawen from River Valley, thank you for your hard work in the layout. To Jace from Eunoia, thank you for organizing this with me. And finally, to everyone who contributed to this issue, thank you!

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