CCA Previews ’21: Track and Field

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By Roy Ng (21S06N), Captain and Emily Ong (21S06P), Captain

When you think about track, you might envision a painful, monotonous, individualistic sport with no real need for teamwork. You might imagine a group of jocks only caring about how fast they can run, how high they can jump, or how far they can throw. But track is so much more than just that.

It’s not about how many medals you win or how many positions you move up (though these are important too). At its core, track is about the team. From teammates who are always by your side, making the pain less painful, to the coaches who always go above and beyond to walk with you in your journey as an athlete, track is undeniably more than just running, jumping or throwing. Your character will be tested and your spirit broken. Yet it is through these hardships and injuries that the strongest bonds are forged with your team, your family.

At the end of the day, after the medals are won and the celebrations fizzle out, your most treasured memories will be the exhausting training sessions that left you sprawled on the ground because you pushed past your own limits, because you proved to yourself that the sky’s the limit, and you came out stronger, faster, better. Hard work beats talent when the talented don’t work hard. In Track, your journey is shaped by dedication, passion and grit. When pushed to your limits, do you buckle or press on?

The Jumps Section.

Despite being a team of 30-odd members as well as training in different sections, we still find many ways to connect. Regular post-training dinners as well as an annual track camp and chalet are things that bring us together, making us a close-knit bunch.

However intimidating we may seem, rest assured that your track journey will be a rewarding and memorable one. So if you can’t wait to make life-long friendships and get rock hard abs, come find us at the track!

The Throws Section.  
The Pole Vault Section.

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