CCA Previews ’21: Soccer (Boys)

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By Soccer (Boys)

Though football may not have the history and heritage like rugby or have the flashiest achievements hockey attained in the past few years, never let that alter your perception of footballers. After all, we are still playing the world’s greatest sport dubbed “The Beautiful Game”. You better believe we’re dead serious about it. 

What we are certainly not is a recreational CCA. Every year, we compete at the highest level just as everyone else does, and each year we aim to go further.

Just about anyone is welcome to join the football family. Whether you’re an experienced football player or a beginner who is interested in learning more about “the beautiful game”, we welcome you. We are a developmental CCA, which means many of our players join with next to no experience of playing competitively. However, thanks to the leadership of our fearsome coach, Mr Iqbal, we are all groomed to excellency. Trainings are intense and serious, with the basic expectation that everyone should put in their 100% and push themselves beyond their limits. You can expect sessions to include drills like possession, high press, crossing, and practicing the D (our signature move). 

Batch of 2020. (photo taken pre-COVID)

Speaking of Mr Iqbal, he’s our head coach who is very much a father figure to us. Think strict, kind, a magnificent-looking beard, and a touch of narcissism (he insists that #IQBOYS be printed on the sleeve of all our jerseys), and you have Mr Iqbal. Don’t be surprised to see Mr Iqbal join in on our training sessions occasionally and flaunt his wonderful technical abilities on the ball. Thanks to Mr Iqbal, injury rates are fairly low despite the haphazard tackles that happen occasionally. As an expert on physiology, he frequently shares his expertise on shin splints, muscle injury treatment (ask him about the hot towel and cold towel method!), and a more-than-vivid description on how one can tear his ACL during a tackle. However, as an avid fan of Liverpool Football Club, do expect gloating especially after Liverpool finally won their Premier League title in a minute. 

Furthermore, don’t be surprised to see the footballers putting in the extra work, be it with self-trainings or going for extra runs throughout the week. With our motto “Believe, Desire, Teamwork”, all footballers are expected to put in their all to bring out the best in themselves and their teammates.

Pre-match huddle. (photo taken pre-COVID)

Another added perk of being in football would be that you’ll never be taunted for “skipping leg day”. We can guarantee that the regular 2.4km timed tests, PTs, and trainings will leave your lower body disproportionately larger than your physique.

Many of our alumni have gone on to play in the National Football League and form teams to win other local leagues. In addition, the regular video-analysis sessions will get you up to speed with the strategic aspects of the game. In these sessions, previous matches would be analysed to improve our positioning and movement and to iron out any mistakes (often through the meting out of 20 pushups to offenders).

Our players in action in a friendly against Dunman High School. (photos taken pre-COVID)

Lastly, apart from having to pay for missing balls, the school invests in you as players. This includes complimentary cans of 100plus on match days, a goalkeeper coach who has trained the likes of Bayern Munich, and a lush, green competition-grade stadium. 

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