CCA Previews ’21: Ultimate Frisbee

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By Ultimate Frisbee

Over the years, people have referred to us as many things: Frisbee, Performing Arts Club, Jock CCA… But we prefer to refer to ourselves as Raffles Ultimate (RJU). Because Ultimate is more than just 14 people on a field chasing after a round piece of plastic. To us, Ultimate is a sport. Ultimate is a journey. Ultimate is a family. 

Ultimate as a sport involves two teams of seven players playing on a 100 x 37 metre field. Points are scored when a player catches the disc within a designated area known as the end zone. If you have ever watched a professional game of Ultimate, instances of people sprinting, diving, and jumping mind-blowing verts to catch the disc will not be an uncommon sight. One might also notice that the game is self-refereed, and relies heavily on players’ mutual respect for one another, as well as a respect for the sport. These are the characteristics that define Ultimate. More than just honing skills and abilities, the Ultimate community values character, sportsmanship, and a desire to preserve the basic joy of play.

The journey for members of RJU is characterised by numerous competitions, events, and camps. However, the highlight of this journey is the annual Inter-Junior-College competition (Inter-JCs). This is the most important event in a player’s journey in RJU. At this event, teams from different schools vie against one another in numerous intense games over the short span of two days. Strength, determination, grit—these qualities will help one to get through the competition. But above all, team spirit and camaraderie is most emphatically displayed. And this is what we as a team value the most. 

Photo from last year’s IJCs. (photo taken pre-COVID)

Although only lasting a short two days, Inter-JCs is a memory that would have a special place in every player’s heart for many years to come. In fact, this brings to light something that is also unique to RJU—our strong alumni culture. Even years after players graduate, many will come back regularly to help out at trainings. This is their way of giving back to the CCA that gave them so many treasured memories and experiences back in their JC days. Thus, our journey here in RJU transcends our time here in JC. 

Lastly, more than just being a sports team, we hope to cultivate a culture where everyone is treated like family. A family where each and every one of us gives our best to honour the time and effort of our teammates. A family where we look out for one another, both on and off the field. A family where no one gets left behind.

Our first official training together! (photo taken pre-COVID)

If this is something you want to be a part of, Ultimate might be the CCA for you. Our doors are open to everyone—we do not require players to have any prior experience to join us. Though be warned that while there are no prerequisites, Ultimate is not for the faint-hearted. As our coach always says, “Nothing worth having comes easily.” Committing yourself to this team means that passion, hard work, and discipline will be expected. For those who have an open mind, willingness to learn, and drive to improve yourself as a player and person, we welcome you with open arms. 

“Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.” Generations of RJU players have stood firmly by this motto. While we are a team deeply rooted in our traditions, the journey is never set in stone. If you’re up for the challenge, come join our Raffles Ultimate family!

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