Capriccio: Orientation 2019 Preview

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By Shervon Lee (19S06A)

Photographs courtesy of the 38th Student Council and Film Society.

Are OGs sorted by name in alphabetical order? Do we get to choose our dance partners? Are OG couples real? What if my OG is dead? What is Orientation like? Why can’t I pronounce the theme? While Orientation may seem daunting and scary, it is an important part of the Junior College experience. Whether your feelings are that of excitement or dread, Capriccio (and the 200+ OGLs) promises you a good four days of fun and games! (And dancing, haha!)

Unless you’ve been living in a hole in the ground, you would know that Orientation 2019 is happening in less than a week! This year, it will take place over four days: the 7th, 8th, 11th and 12th of February, with a weekend after the second day for Orientation Groups (OGs) to go out and have fun through a bonding session. J1s can look forward to being converted into ‘OGLings’, and experiencing the various inter- and intra-OG games.


The theme for Orientation 2019 is Capriccio, which means “a lively piece of music, typically one that is short and free in form”. If you have been following the official Orientation Instagram, you would know that this encapsulates the spirit of Orientation 2019 – four short days of games, dances, competition and bonding during which memories that will last throughout your two years in RI are made. Things to look forward to this year include new war games, station games and – the most anticipated – batch dance!

Before we dive into the various activities, let us introduce the five houses in RI, named after past principals in RI and RGS: Moor-Tarbet (MT), Morrison-Richardson (MR), Buckle-Buckley (BB), Bayley-Waddle (BW) and Hadley-Hullett (HH). Houses in RI are very important during Orientation, as you will be fighting to earn points for your house during war games, station games, and even in the dance-off on O’Nite. Flags of the five colours will fly high, and cheers will reverberate through the MPH, each house trying their best to one up the rest.

MR House Directorate at RIpple 2019, By Chloe Tan (19S03E)

Perhaps what perfectly demonstrates the house rivalry friendly competition are the highly anticipated War Games. Put on your face paint and be prepared to go all out in the most competitive activity of orientation! Sports people can look forward to a chance to showcase their rippling athleticism and competitive spirit through the more physical games such as Centipede and Balls of Fury. Balloon enthusiasts can also look forward to our brand new game, Infinity War, where you get to steal balloons from others. (We strongly discourage the inevitable: balloon popping.) For Harry Potter fans, the classic Quidditch may pique your interest. We won’t spoil too much – but we promise a good time.

Quidditch! (Without the flying, unfortunately…)

The greatest horror for all J1s (especially those inept at coordination)? Batch Dance! A personal recommendation of Orientation IC Patricia Seow (19S07A), the batch dance aims to bridge the ‘halal gap’ between the two genders. Throw away your fears of embarrassing yourself, for many hours are dedicated to dance practices during orientation, and unless you’re really good, you’re not going to end up on stage anyway. You may not be the best dancer in the hall, but you can have the most fun!

Watch the batch dance MV! Tutorials are here! (Mirrored)

Everything culminates and comes to an end with a bang: O’Nite promises excitement, laughter and lots of cheers (even though it is not actually at night). The lights will dim, music will play, and performances will ensue on stage. From runways for some OGs with their creative costumes, to dance showcases by our very own dance comm and electrifying house cheers by the house directorate, there will not be a dull second. The best house for Orientation will also be announced then, so if you want your house to soar to glory – you know what to do.

For the record, OGs are not sorted by name in alphabetical order, some OGLs allow you to ask someone to be your dance partner, some OGs have couples, and you decide the outcome of your orientation and OG experience. (PS: We can’t answer the last question – we wonder why every year)

If you want a fun OG, take the initiative to organise outings and talk to people! In the words of the other orientation IC, Jun Heng (19S06C), “sometimes we put up a barrier between ourselves and others but once you get past that, you can really meet a lot of great people.” You never know what could come out of your enthusiasm!

It’s ok to be scared but take heart, and maybe learn to take that leap of faith and courage, everything will be ok! ☺️☺️ – Patricia

With that, follow the official Instagram account @ricapriccio2019 for more updates or information, and have fun at Orientation 2019: Capriccio! Welcome to RI.

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