CCA Previews’ 19: Track and Field

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Written by Joel Low (19S03I), Captain, Linnette Chua (19S03B), Captain, Abel Tng (19S03M), Vice-Captain and Amanda Tong (19S03G), Vice-Captain

When you think of Track and Field, what comes to mind? A bunch of people running at the track everyday, perhaps jumping or throwing? Or during match support at the annual National Schools Track and Field Championships in April: the show off of a multitude of talent and skills, the setting of new records, the receiving of medals and glory? However, the truth is: Track and Field is much more than that.

What goes behind the scenes and is often uncredited is the process of getting there: the many months and even years of hardwork and determination coupled by an undying spirit of resilience, discipline and excellence. Our athletes endure through the pain of gruelling trainings, the sweltering heat and even the rainy days in order to bring themselves and the school to greater heights. Yet our achievements would not be possible without our coaches, teachers, parents, teammates and friends. Be it in victory or defeat, the lessons learnt and the memories created are what we hold dearly to our hearts and undoubtedly the drive that keeps us going.


Introducing Track and Field, a big family comprising of 5 sections: Sprints, Jumps, Throws, Pole Vault and Walks. We are a diverse CCA comprising of individuals with different interests and unique talents, yet what keeps us going forward together as a team is our drive and determination to push ourselves beyond our limits to be the best that we can be. Our common goal and understanding that all athletes are walking the same road unites the team, forming our foundation of this very sport.

Are you looking to join Track and Field? Have no worries! We offer a wide range of events under each section! For the people with speedy legs, Sprints is the place to go. Look forward to becoming the next Usain Bolt and run at lightning speed in events such as the 100m, 400m and hurdles. For the people who wish to fly someday, look no further as you can join the Jumpers and Pole Vaulters, in long jump, high jump, triple jump and pole vault. For the people who enjoy lifting heavy weights and venting their frustrations by throwing things around, Throws can easily be your new home with events such as shot put, discus and javelin. Last but not least, do not be fooled by the walkers, it is not as easy as you think. For the people who want to walk as fast as people run, do try out for this event that has more than meets the eye.


However, let us warn you, Track and Field requires commitment, dedication and an overall will to fight to the end. Trainings are tough, and juggling school work with trainings will be demanding. But fret not for our team is a family and we will support one another through it all.


Not only do we know how to train hard, we also know how to play hard! These tough times will be accompanied with even more fun times filled with joy and laughter, from our annual track chalet and camp, to track outings and the times spent together as a team playing, studying and eating. We stand together through the dark days and the glorious moments of our journey and what comes out of it is a lifetime’s worth of lessons and friendships.


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