CCA Previews ’19: Film Society

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By Alyssa Marie Loo (19A13A), Chairperson

Finished watching our trailer? Great! You might still be wondering what exactly is a Film Society member, and why we seem to be wheeling cameras on tripods around so much. Indeed, apart from being a supporting spotter, Film Society members don many hats. Here are the primary few:

1. A Storyteller.

Film Preview_Photo 1
Film Society 2018 after Film Showcase 2018: 5 Ways to Build a Home.

Beyond just movie-watchers or movie-makers, Film Society members talk about stories: stories of the films we have been inspired by, and the stories that we will be telling in our own short films.

In Y5, members practice appreciating and analysing films that they watch, learning skills to discuss, for example, how a filmic medium is used to convey a story. Events like Hodge Lodge Film Screenings let members curate their own pick of films and lead film appreciation discussions with the school population.

Finally, members will be able to produce their own thesis films in Y6, where they will screen write and direct their own original short films. These stories will be played on the big screen during our annual Film Showcase — our CCA’s grandest event to cap off each year.

2. A Learner

Film Preview_ Photo 2
Batch of 2019 learning how to operate a DSLR
Film Preview_Photo 3
Batch of 2019 filming 2018 Y6 Graduation Video

Film Society will train you in the skills of filmmaking, so you have a versatile toolset to tell your stories. Our sessions involve filmmaking professionals who deliver practical workshops on skills like DSLR camera techniques, screenwriting and even experimental filmmaking. For whatever bells and whistles you could need to be a filmmaker, Film Society will give you a sturdy foundation.

Not only that, Film Society members also get plenty of opportunities to practice their craft. Apart from CCA short films, members also get the chance to collaborate with the school and other CCAs on video projects, closely mimicking film production work in the real world. Find some of our work on our Youtube channel!

Film Preview_Photo 5
Multiple spotters for a precarious top-down shot setup.

3. A Warrior

Film Preview_Photo 4
All hands on deck during a full-day shoot at  Toa Payoh Dragon Playground.

Whether it takes trekking through the forest of Coney Island, managing a cast of over 40 people, or staying alert through consecutive full-day production hours, Film Society will undoubtedly stretch your limits, test your dedication and sharpen your perseverance.

Every grain of rice may be a drop of sweat, but every minute of a short film is a crew’s bucket-worth of blood, sweat and tears. 6 months of writing, 3 months of planning, 1 month of film production and another month of editing — every Film Society member will know and experience this arduous process for themselves.

4. A Family Member.

Film Preview_Photo 6
Big senior hugs smol junior after junior batch’s Hodge Lodge Film Screening succeeded.

Above all, Film Society is a warm, earnest and safe environment. You will find notebooks open every session, members furiously recording  new things they’ve learned. You will find batch outings to film festivals, seniors that come back to help even after stepping down, and teachers that are unfailingly committed to bringing every person’s story to life.

You will find a family in Film Society, so we hope you let us find you too.

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