CCA Previews ’18: Raffles Photographic Society

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By Raffles Photographic Society

The event is starting. The sports CCA is warming up for their finals match. The performing arts CCA is taking the stage. Your batchmates are streaming in for a party. Amidst the noise and chaos is a point of silence and stillness. This figure is unobtrusive, clad in black from head to toe. It’s a Raffles Photographer. Even the camera is black. The crowd quiets. The shutter clicks.

Raffles Photographic Society presents a unique opportunity to develop your individual photography skills while serving the school. There are two aspects of being a Raffles Photographer – covering school events, where members attend arts, sports, and school events to take photos for the school, and preparing for our own exhibitions, where members exhibit their own creative works. Both aspects are rewarding – event coverage allows members to earn CIP/VIA hours and network, and exhibitions allow members to express themselves.

CCA sessions are once a week on Fridays, from 4.30pm to 6.30pm. In Semester 1, Y5s will have training sessions to improve their technical skills related to using equipment and shooting at a range of event types. In Semester 2, Y5s will prepare to exhibit their works at the end of year exhibition. In Semester 1, Y6s will prepare to exhibit their works at ArtSeason. Each RPS member will participate in 3 exhibitions. In Y5, members will have a small role in ArtSeason, followed by a full exhibition at EOY. In Y6, members will have a full exhibition at ArtSeason. Members will also be involved in the planning and running of the exhibitions.

Members are also expected to fulfill at least 40 hours of event coverage from Y5 to Y6. (CIP/VIA hours are logged after the first 40 hours.) Raffles Photographers are busy throughout the year, with the sports and arts seasons in semester 1, and Deck the Walls (CCA photos displayed at Blocks J and K) in semester 2. There is also the possibility of operating photobooths at various school events.

Overall, it means that being a Raffles Photographer is hard work, and definitely involves sacrifice. Being on duty means that you can’t really enjoy the events as an attendee or spend time with your friends (outside of RPS), and photographers have to be the first to arrive and last to leave. There is pride in taking amazing photographs of your schoolmates. Photographers have the responsibility and honour of capturing moments of joy and success, preserving memories and emotions. There are also great networking opportunities, since RPS works with almost every CCA, especially Press, AVU, and Council.

Photographers have to be present, aware and responsive to what goes on around them. RPS believes in living in the moment and having fun. Our CCA is full of unglams and bad jokes and pizza. Batch 19 can even look forward to a CCA hoodie! We’re looking for people who are committed and hardworking, but also don’t take themselves too seriously and can have fun even at a tough job. We will be taking in about 20 Y5s in 2018.

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