CCA Previews ’18: Softball

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“Are softballs actually soft?” It’s a question that most softballers face every other day. While the answer to this is “No, they can actually be pretty hard”, something a tad less hard would be falling in love with the game – if you would give it a chance.

A fast-paced, intellectually and physically challenging game, softball is a sport like no other. Other than balls, bats and bases, softballers also need brains, brawn and a BIG HEART.

Putting our bodies on the line, softballers are willing to both work hard and work smart. The game involves balls being pitched at blistering speeds, bats being swung with a perfect mix of precision and power, and plays being made with beautiful finesse.

While this sport may seem complicated to pick up, the game is sure to reward those who are willing to invest their time and effort, with valuable lessons about hard work,  communication and the spirit of never giving up. As our beloved Coach Farhan always says, “The game knows.” Knows what? Come join and you’ll find out.


Beyond the gritted teeth, sweat-soaked jerseys and sand-stained slacks, there lies a deeper, more intrinsic value in what it means to be a softballer. Simply said, there is more to us than meets the eye – or the bat.

Perhaps the biggest reward of becoming a softballer is gaining a band of brothers/sisters you play, train, grow and learn with. Softball is a team sport where each and every player that steps onto the field can put in their 110% for name on the front and not the back. The experience of being part of something larger than oneself not only teaches us how to fight but gives us something to fight for. The bonds we forge, the memories we make and the family we create is something that you simply have to be part of to comprehend.This team also includes supportive and dedicated teachers in charge and our beloved coaches we learn to respect and look up to.

Aside from the team, the CCA itself has much to offer. You can also look forward to many exciting tournaments such as National Inter-schools Championship, Singapore Recreational Club (SRC) Softball Carnival, ORA Fastpitch and Slowpitch Leagues, and even Overseas Trips! In 2017, both our girls and boys emerged as Champions of SRC Softball Carnival. Our girls have done us proud by clinching 1st Runners-up in the National Inter-Schools Championship, while our boys also achieved stellar results, winning their 7th consecutive title.


Finally, softball is is a sport that requires commitment, passion and a whole lot of sunblock. That is why we train 3 times a week through rain and shine, every Tuesdays (3.30-6.30pm), Wednesdays (2.30-6pm) and Fridays (4-7pm).

If you are a:

Sun-loving (We train in the rain too)



Team-centric (there ain’t no I in TEAM)

Brainy or brawny (or both)



Lovable <3

kind of person, then come join us! Our trials will include running, throwing and batting, but no worries as no prior knowledge is required. So see you there!


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