CCA Previews ’18: Raffles Modern Dance

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By Soon Weilin (18S03L), Chairperson

Under the tutelage of resident choreographer and dance coach Mrs Low Mei Yoke, modern dancers meet for practice every Monday (4-5.30) and every Wednesday (2.30-5.30). Through various exercises, which range from movements in slow-motion to sprints, leaps and rolls across the floor, dancers learn to control every single part of their bodies. Improvisation exercises help build up our musicality and train us to think on our feet. Occasionally, dancers learn to build on their chemistry through Pas De Deux (partner work) exercises.

Apart from the usual trainings, workshops are occasionally held by instructors from Frontier Danceland, a contemporary dance company. Dancers are also encouraged to attend the annual productions put up by professional company artistes of Frontier Danceland. These workshops and performances allow us to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the art form, on a professional level.

Over the past few years, Raffles Modern Dance has achieved the highest possible accolades in various Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) competitions. We attained Distinction for both our item in 2015, titled “Undercurrent”, and for our item in 2017, titled “Passing”.

Modern dancers will have numerous opportunities to perform throughout their CCA journey, including the biennial Singapore Youth Festival (SYF), and major school events, such as Teachers’ Day, National Day, and Open House. Apart from merely performing, dancers will also have the opportunity to work together to put together an item for these events, allowing them to learn more about the intricacies of choreography, blocking, as well as rearranging music.

Auditions involve learning choreography and a short freestyle section, as well as an optional self-choreographed piece. No dance experience is required, so if you love to dance or if you love the stage, do sign up for our auditions! Ultimately, our CCA allows members to enrich their passion for the art form and grow as dancers, while forging meaningful friendships with those who share a similar interest in dance. We warmly welcome you to our family!

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Raffles Modern Dance J1 Batch 2017.
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