We’re Bringing Broadway Back, Baby

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By Elizabeth Leong (18S06G) and Zara Karimi (18A01A)

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The Broadway Babies, after their showcase at the Hodge Lodge last Wednesday

You may have heard of them from their Instagram account, from their posters around school, or by word of mouth. You may have even attended their last show in January. Yes, the lively presence of the Broadway Babies was certainly hard to miss last Wednesday at the Hodge Lodge, where a new batch of members held their very first show.

The Broadway Babies are a student-run interest group that covers songs from West-End and Broadway shows. Initially an act from Lit Night 2016, they are composed of people from different CCA backgrounds and varying levels of experience onstage, united by a common love for musicals.

Though the event began a little later than expected due to scheduling issues, this only served to fuel the audience’s anticipation, gathered in the crowded Hodge Lodge. First in the setlist was Another Day of Sun from the popular movie-musical La La Land. The vocalists, initially planted amongst audience members, rose and made their way to the stage area, capturing everyone’s attention, getting the show off to a great start.

Next up, Robyn Wong (18A01B) and Peck Hsiao Shan (18A13A) took on the roles of Collins and Angel from Rent, singing I’ll Cover You. This cover featured more props and performative elements, with the two singers sitting at and walking around a table throughout the song, dramatically tiptoeing over their tangled microphone wires in the process, to the amusement of the audience. The lively instrumentals were also well-suited to the happy, hopeful lyrics of the song (I’ve longed to discover / Something as true as this is / So with a thousand sweet kisses / I’ll cover you).

This was followed by a stripped-down version of You’re the One that I Want from Grease. Initial issues with the microphone did not at all deter Sarah Leong (18A03A) and Jeremy Xiao from delivering a heartrending rendition of the song, with Sarah’s moving vocals filling the cozy room. The audience’s delight was quite clear as they snapped their fingers to the beat of the music, as well as in the loud rounds of applause that overlapped with the ending notes of the song.

The setlist concluded with Song of Purple Summer from the musical Spring Awakening, performed by the entire company. The fifteen singers standing (almost) in a row were a sight to behold. Their voices blended together and with the instrumental accompaniment to form a beautiful, rousing harmony. This performance truly embodied the Broadway tradition of a big finish, and left the audience wanting more.

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The Broadway Babies during one of their early rehearsals

The Broadway Babies had been working on this show since mid-July, and while their labours have come to fruition with this showcase, this is only the beginning. Following Promos, they will begin preparation for a full length revue, to be held in January 2018. Mark your calendars – considering the success of this performance, you won’t want to miss their next instalment!

Cast List

Robyn Wong, Rachel Rina Cheong Wen Xiu, Kiara Pillai, Huang Ruijia 18A01B
Peck Hsiao Shan, Jared Ong, Lynn Hong 18A13A
Sarah Leong 18A03A
Timothy Robin Chin, Ouisa Emanuelle Wiratno 18S03B
Muskaan Kalwani 18A01C
Han Zenan 18S06A
Nicholas Ho 18S06M
Teo Hui Rong Tara 18A01E
Erielle Marie 18S03R

Jeremy Xiao 18A01B
Victoria Lim 18S02A
Wong Yang Cheng 18S07B
Malcolm Low 18S03K
Kaitlyn Ng 18S06G
Yeo Kee Hwan 18S03Q

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