CCA Previews ’17: Audio Visual Unit

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By Thet Hay Thi Tun (17S06O), Chairperson and Ashley Koh Yi Teng (17S03L), Vice-chairperson

Be it elaborate light sequences or band set-ups, the AVU is the know-it-all for visual and audio aesthetic. Providing support for almost every school event, we carry out our roles quietly in the inconspicuous control room, away from the audience’s eyes.

Our support coverage ranges from dances, to bands, and even seminars and conferences. We are not merely button-pushers or fader-flickers, but trained technicians that can bring out the best of every performance.

DJ Sessions

Not everyone that joins AVU at the start has experience in the field of our work. However, through training sessions and hands-on experiences, we will be able to equip you with the necessary skills. Seeing a performance go without a hitch is the most satisfying feeling any AVU member can experience. Though unprecedented technical issues are part and parcel of our job, overcoming these challenges as a team is what makes our learning experience more meaningful and gratifying.

We conduct training sessions every week to hone each member’s skills so that they can tackle any technical difficulty with confidence. CCAs and student groups sign up for event support on a first-come-first-serve basis. These events serve as a platform for members to make new friends from other CCAs. Of course, each member is also rewarded with CIP hours for the events that they assist in. After clocking 60 hours, members can expect to be awarded with CIP hours for the rest of their contributions.

Hard at work during events!

Certainly, AVU is not just a CCA that stands in the shadows of others. As true masters of lights and sound, each batch also gets the opportunity to test their limits and knowledge of lights and sound through a DJ course. The DJ course allows members to show off their technical prowess in the sounds department. The annual DJ showcase, which aims to bring in a more lively and upbeat (and /coughs/ ‘club-like’) atmosphere to the school, also allows members to show off their elaborate light sequences, presentation skills and of course, tasteful DJ mixes!

Annual DJ Showcase

If you’ve ever wanted to pick up a new skill, and want to passionately serve the school, AVU is definitely the CCA for you.

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