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By Chen Beijia (17S06F), Chairperson

For art enthusiasts, Visual Art Club is really a space for self-expression, where we can let our imagination unfold boundlessly. During Art Club sessions, we expose members to various mediums and genres, for example, ceramics, digital art, watercolour (landscape), and graphic story (ink and digital). Through this wide range of exposure, we hope to instil in Art Club members a deeper appreciation for the fine arts and to cultivate them into exceptional artists.

Ceramics Session

As we rush here and there, chasing after time every day, our life seems to be overcrowded with pressure and anxiety. Zakka(雜貨), simple but thoughtful, is a daily used item that balances utility and aesthetic appearance. Through Zakka, our artists have turned ordinary and mundane routines into unique experiences characterised with sensitivity and passion.

Though we encountered slight difficulties with this new medium, the time we spent to solve these problems gave us the chance to slow down in our otherwise hectic lives, and to communicate with ourselves, learning to listen to ourselves better.

Two sets of ceramic artworks displayed during Art Season 2016

Landscape & Comics Sessions

Another workshop we had this year was an urban sketching module. Through the module, we learnt techniques such as drawing from life, as well as some extremely useful basic watercolour skills. These sessions were rounded up by a meaningful sketchwalk to the nearby Shunfu Mart.

Later on in the year, we held a comic drawing module, where we invited a professional comic artist to impart to us the basics of creating our own illustrative stories. We were taught a variety of skills, from panelling, to inking, and even digital colouring. At the end of the module, each member was able to produce one page of their own original short comic.

Other Activities

During the June holidays, we participated in two activities to engage the wider art community in Singapore. We organised a DIY acrylic charm-making booth during the Asian Festival of Children’s Content, and joined a mural painting project at Little India, showcasing the unique history and heritage of the area. It was through these exciting experiences that we were able to discover the vibrant art scene of Singapore.

Mural Painting

Art Season

Art Season is an annual exhibition held by Art Club to showcase artworks produced by our members. The exhibition is diverse, ranging from animated digital artworks that show how art and technology are intertwined in modern society, to contour drawing, considerably the most intuitive way of self-expression in art creation. These artworks are paired together with our personal writeups, so that visitors can connect personally with the artists and have a better understanding of their works.

We also put up an artboard named “I Am Present”, and it was so heartening to see that so many visitors receiving art gifts from us with a smile, as they wrote a personal note to the artist in turn.

Through these exhibits, we hope to convey our passion for art to the general school population and to cultivate a more lively school community with a tint of creativity.

Art Season Display

To all artistic young blood out there: If you are interested to join the VAC, don’t hesitate to sign up for our CCA trial! CCA sessions will be conducted every Wednesday from 2.30pm to 5.30pm. As Duchamp once said, “I have forced myself to contradict myself in order to avoid conforming to my own taste.” Indeed, Art should not and will never be confined, but rather confronted, challenged, and finally liberated. We are waiting for you to Redefine art.

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