Pitching in to Win: Softball Boys Finals

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by: Serafina Siow (17A13A)

Photos by: Guan Xin (17S06B)

This was the sixth year the RI Softball boys were in the finals and the last five times they came away winning. Eager to continue this streak of wins, the team looked determined and undaunted by the stakes as they stepped onto the field against Hwa Chong Institution.

To put it simply, softball comprises of 5 innings each divided into two halves. The first half consists of the team on offence batting to try and score runs while the team on defence occupies the field and tries to record three outs. In the other half, the teams swap their roles. The team that scores the most runs or points wins the game.

RI fielders ready for action

The first and second innings were unremarkable with RI preventing HCI from scoring and unable to score a run during their half to bat. In the third inning, the team seemed to hit their stride – as Tien Chun (16S03F) stepped up to the plate, all eyes were on him for a successful hit with a RI batter at each of the three bases. He did not disappoint and sent the ball far off into the outfield, allowing all three batters to sprint to home base, achieving a grand slam. 

Copy of IMG_0839
Sliding into home.

RI then widened the score difference in the 4th inning and entirely shut out HCI to stop them from scoring. Separate home runs from Chow Rui Yan (17S06O) and Tien Chun continued to increase the winning margin, while Daryl Kow (16S06R) and Ong Juan Xun (17S06K) capitalised on fumbles from HCI to score runs as well.

Huddling during a timeout

The last inning saw RI playing a tight defensive game, only conceding a point to HCI when they scored a run. The pitcher, Jorell Low (16S06H), overcame his disappointment to shut out the rest of HCI’s batters and sealed the win for the team with a score of 9-1 to RI.

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Smiles all around

Raffles Press would like to congratulate the Softball boys for their hard fought victory. We wish them all the best in their future competitions!


Score by inning

1st inning:0-0

2nd inning: 0-0

3rd inning: 5-0 to RI

4th inning: 9-0 to RI

5th inning: 9-1 to RI

List of players: Chow Rui Yan (17S06O), Ong Juan Xun (17S06G), Oh Ziglar (17S07B), Nigel Wong Zi Yang (17S03K), Darren Heng Chen Ka (17S06I), Li Danyang (17S06O), Andre Chia Shaw Jin (17S06S), Justin Foo Jie Hao (17S06C), Siew Jia Yang (17S06J), Daryl Kow Kai Jun (16S06R), Tien Chun (16S03F), Cher Wee Zheng (16S05A), Jorell Low Ruiheng (16S06H), Benjamin Loke Zhen Yi (16S06F), Joshua Chan Yuan Kang (16S06O), Jang Yu Joon (16S06I), Rusell Boon Wei Cheong (16S03S)


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