A Levels Results 2016: Ground Sentiments

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By Liew Ai Xin (16A01A), Md Khairillah (16A01B), Melissa Choi (16S06B), Qiu Kexin (16A13A), Jeanne Tan (17A01B), Khin Yadanar Oo (17A13A), Nicole Doyle (17A01A) and Nerissa Loe (17A13A)
Photos courtesy of Raffles Photographic Society

The Batch of 2015 sing the Institution Anthem before receiving their results

When Mr Tan Boon Poh, Discipline Master, asked the Batch of 2015 if they wanted their results, he received nothing less than a resounding “No!”, out of a mix of anxiety and fear at facing up to the results of that exam they took exactly three months ago.

Their protests went unheeded, but their worries too were unfounded. Unfolding the results for A Levels 2015, Mr Chan revealed exemplary results, with exceptional results for General Paper, and an all-round improvement being registered in comparison to last year’s results. In the words of Senior Deputy Principal Mr Magendiran, this event was indeed a ‘cause for celebration.’

In his exhortation to the J3s, Mr Chan said, “on behalf of all the teachers, wished the best of luck to the Batch of 2016.” In true Rafflesian fashion, the Institution Anthem wafted through the hall as the J3s sung it for perhaps the last time. But even if they had left Raffles officially, Mr Chan reminded them: “Once a Rafflesian, always a Rafflesian.” On that note, the CTs began giving out the certificates to the students amidst much anxiety and fanfare.

Some students were exuberant, having seen their efforts over the past few months come to fruition

To many, the results came as a welcome relief as they rejoiced with their batchmates. (This reporter saw a male student thump his fist in joy, then immediately transit into groaning about returning to National Service.) For many, this moment was the culmination of years of hard graft dedicated to academic pursuits. Speaking to their teachers who had guided them through the entire process, we witnessed students bowing to their teachers, with others expressing their gratitude effusively with tears of joy and laughter.

Speaking to parents waiting eagerly at the Indoor Sports Hall, we witnessed, first-hand, evocations of the support that they had rendered to their children throughout this journey. One parent offered a touching remark about her child: “I told her that I hope I will remain true to what I said, that we love her regardless.” Another parent was decidedly more cheeky. When asked whether or not he had plans for his child, he quipped: “I don’t have plans for him. I hope he has plans for himself though!”


The results also gave Rafflesians an opportunity to catch up with old friends


One of the students we interviewed who had not done as well as he had hoped offered a more circumspect perspective, noting:

There are a lot of things going on: NS, scholarship, job applications and internships. I think when we were Y6s, we thought that this would be a nerve-wracking time, but life goes on beyond this one result.


Not forgetting the teachers who have invested so much in the students

We at Raffles Press concur, and would like to wish the Batch of 2015 the best in all their future endeavours.

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  1. PSLE, O-Level and A-Level results are not life sentences! They are placement exam indicators. It is easier for computers to work with numbers! Our value as a person is not determined by the number/aggregate/points. Thank God for giving each student the opportunity to study. God bless and guide you as you embark on another part of life’s journey on Earth.

    From a mom whose twins will be sitting for their A-Level exam in 2017 and who had failed Physics due to year long illness. In life, from failure, learn success!

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