A day in the life of: An Artist

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This article is part of the CCA Previews for 2016.

By Zhong Shaohong (16S06J), Chairperson; Zhen Si Qi (16S03C), Treasurer; Song Yi Jia (16A01C),Vice-Chairperson; Tang Jiamin, Christal (16S03L), Secretary

Looking to hone your skills in art? Or are you just looking for exposure to different forms of visual arts? Have you ever wanted to express visually, your feelings and thoughts, but have no idea how to start? If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, art club may be the place for you! Here, we do not look for prior experience, just a genuine interest in art, and an open mind! :)

So what is this club, really? Well, it is a community of like-minded individuals who share a similar passion to create art and a desire to understand it. Members will leave exposed to various aspect of the visual arts, armed with not only the technical skills of creating art, but also the tools to help understand art created by others.

Our weekly art club sessions are a time we gather as a community to explore the various facets of the visual arts, be it creating art through the use of different mediums, or understanding art through group discussions at museums. For some sessions, our very experienced teachers will impart their skills, and other times we have the opportunity to learn from workshops provided by external artists. Some of the skills that art club has learnt from these workshops are the use of clay, cardboard and water-colours as mediums for art.

Members get to work on their own individual exhibits that will be put up for display during our school’s art season in May. This is the time where they can choose what they want to express through their art, and how they want to do it. Some take this opportunity to explore a medium wholly different from what they are used to, but everything is left up to the artist to decide. Under the guidance of our very dedicated and passionate teachers, members will go through the whole process of planning and creating their works, setting up and even curating, where every step is a deliberate one to evoke certain thoughts or feelings in their audience.

If you like sketch walks or museum visits, you will definitely look forward to the club outings! You get to visit iconic museums in Singapore, go into in-depth discussions about the exhibits, or simply take the time to pay attention to the details of the pieces amongst friends that appreciate them as much as you do. Last year, we visited the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) where we managed to gain deeper insights through some museum education techniques our teachers have provided us with.

Art Club
Outing with the club!

If you are one of the handful that shares the same desire to appreciate, understand and learn about art, you would find that joining a like-minded community will help propel you to develop your passions further. After all, art requires a great deal of patience and practice, and the ability to make peace with unanswered questions, and who better to journey through this with than a community of individuals who share the same interests and goals?


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