Open House 2016: Raffles Atlas

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By Tay Hui Lyi (16S06F) and Shaun Heng (16S06R) (Open House Comm)



Check out the Raffles Atlas video here!

An atlas is a book of maps and geographical charts. In this light, Raffles Atlas represents a collection of each Rafflesian’s own personal map – the path they choose to take in life. Raffles serves as the starting point of their journey, opening up many roads and avenues of opportunity for Rafflesians as they pursue their passions alongside one another. Raffles Atlas 2016 hopes to introduce you to that starting point, in the hopes that you too can perhaps begin your own Rafflesian journey.

Following the release of the O Level results, Open House 2016 will be held on the 13th of January, this Wednesday. It will run from 9am to 3pm, and feature the many different aspects of Raffles school life, for the prospective Rafflesian.


Look forward to riveting CCA showcases by the performing arts and clubs at the Multi Purpose Hall (MPH), as well as exhibition matches by the sports CCAs at the Indoor Sports Hall. Our principal, Mr Chan Poh Meng, will also be giving a talk from 12pm to 1pm at the Performing Arts Centre!


Raffles Atlas 2016 revolves around exploration and discovery, and in the spirit of that we will be featuring GPSs this year! GPSs are essentially befrienders located at different key locations around the school, and will be describing the locations in details for our visitors to get a more in depth understanding of the school campus.

Befrienders will be around to welcome you into the school proper :)

Other than the usual social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, this year we will be having special snapchat filters! The Open House filter can be used anywhere within the vicinity of the school, from 11th to 15th Jan. In addition, we have also created snapchat filters for the school that will be permanently available, so do look out for them on the day itself!

On the day itself, visitors can also embark on an exploration around the school, to collect stamps at designated immigration checkpoints, for their programme booklets in a section designed as a passport. When all stamps are collected, they can go to the canteen to redeem the a special Open House souvenir. While stocks last though, so do hurry! :)

Around the world in a few stamps

With the hard work and dedication of the Open House Organizing Committee, Raffles Atlas 2016 is bound to be an experience that will enlighten and elate. Damien Heng, one of the organizers, opines that open house reflects the ‘genuine desire to present the best of our school in our own little ways- even if we don’t realize it, because we are proud of who we are as Rafflesians.’ Or in the more concise words of Dennis Tan, Open House was ‘tiring, tiring, tiring but worth it.’

We look forward to receiving you :)

To see the fruits of their efforts, do visit us this coming Wednesday!

Check out the Raffles Atlas Facebook page here!

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