A day in the life of: An Entrepreneur

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This article is part of the CCA Previews for 2016.

By Clement Tan Jun Hao (16S06Q), Vice-Chairman; Jo-Adam Saiful Mizra (16S03O), Chairman

Mr Kevin Ong, founder of Chewy Junior, giving a speech during the Raffles Business Symposium.

Members of REN can look forward to a myriad of activities during CCA sessions. We will be inviting experienced entrepreneurs to share their experiences during a few of the sessions, where members will gain valuable insight into the world of business. Members can also use this opportunity to network with the speakers and gain key contacts which will be useful in the future.

Members will also spend some sessions interacting with their batch mates in preparation for their upcoming competitions or events that they will host. The insightful discussions that take place during these sessions help students brainstorm for ideas, and also work to create stronger bonds among batch mates.

REN Batch of 2016

Members can also look forward to exciting industrial visits to start-up companies. Members are given a chance to have a closer look at how start-ups are run, and given the precious chance to interact with these entrepreneurs. This is definitely a ‘hands-on’ approach that everyone will look forward to.

When joining REN, one can expect to have both highs and lows in this exciting journey through J1 and J2. Your mental capabilities will be pushed to their utmost limit as you brainstorm to think of the best business ideas. One can also expect to be dazzled and inspired by the renowned entrepreneurs who share their valuable experience and give advice on stepping into the business world. However, there will be times when the stress becomes seemingly overwhelming, and members may find it tough to push on. Through sheer determination and persistence, the satisfaction you gain and the knowledge you reap through this journey will be worth all the effort you have put in.

REN consists of highly capable individuals who can both be competitive and communal depending on the situation. A healthy sense of competition among batch mates keeps your expectations high, and motivates you to strive to be the best and put all your effort into each and every assignment. The sense of belonging to REN ensures we remain as a bonded unit, which is capable of working together and solving problems efficiently.

A unique feature of REN is that outside of CCA session we also provide internship opportunities to our members. Companies vary from start-ups to well-known corporations. Members can definitely look forward to an enlightening and enriching experience that will be beneficial both as experience for the work life as well as for applying for scholarships.

March CCA Camp.

Of course, REN isn’t just all work and no play. J1s can expect a fun-filled orientation and an induction day camp, during which exciting games and bonding activities will be held, along with a mini pitching competition. Batch meals and spontaneous group dinners are also relatively common and attest to the strong CCA spirit.

Pitching Competition during CCA Camp

For us, entrepreneurship is not solely about making money, unlike how the media prefers to portray it. Entrepreneurship is about daring to make a change, it is about experiencing the thrill of an idea coming into fruition. To us, entrepreneurship is the embodiment of being a leader of one’s team, a critical thinker and a pioneer of an idea.


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