Destemido: Sporting Moments (Part 1)

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By Yeo Jia Qi (15S03H), Joshua Tee (15A01D)
Photos courtesy of Gabrielle Jeyaseelan (15SO6A), Serena Tan (15SO3I), Arel Chua (15SO3N), Hee Xin Wee (15S03I), Hethav Sivakumar (15AO1E), Ernest Low (15SO6O), Sharmaine Toh (15SO7C) of the Raffles Photographic Society

IHC Sports 2014: Destemido kicked off last Monday, with Dodgeball and Tennis. Running for three weeks, the five houses send their best to compete in various sports ranging from Archery to Water Polo. After a week of exciting sporting action, Raffles Press brings to you the results of Destemido: Week 1. Look out for more updates for weeks 2 and 3!


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