5 Great Reasons Why The Surface Pro 3 is Perfect for Students

In the first of our collaborations with Twenty First Tech, TFT explores why the Surface Pro 3 is looking to be a great tool for students in particular.

Twenty First Tech (outdated)

You might have already heard about Microsoft’s line of Surface tablets. Third generation on, Microsoft boldly claims that they have finally made a “tablet that can replace your laptop”. We’ll reserve our judgement when we get our hands on a review unit, but for now one thing’s for sure: This is a device that’s great for students.

We’ll give you the top 5 reasons why students should seriously consider investing in one of these devices, but here’s the summary: It’s an 800 gram tablet that’s as powerful as any other Ultrabook out there. And it’s (relatively) affordable too.

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One thought on “5 Great Reasons Why The Surface Pro 3 is Perfect for Students”

  1. RJ so atas. Recommending an expensive piece of electronic hardware on the official student press of a school that prides itself on encouraging and nurturing students from a diverse range of backgrounds with meritocracy as a cornerstone is questionable to say the least.

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