CCA Preview ’14: Alchemy Club

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The ancient art of alchemy is in essence, the ‘art of transformation’, from one element to another. Ancient alchemists strived to transform base metals into noble metals, and develop the elixir of life, which would confer youth and longevity. The key objective of Club Alchemy is just as its namesake – to transform people into passionate alchemists, eager and curious in the study of chemistry, in a setting conducive for peer learning as well as self-discovery, while forging forever lasting friendships with like-minded members.

Why Alchemy? Firstly, chemistry is everywhere in the world around us!  It’s in the food we eat, clothes we wear, water we drink, medicines, air, cleaners… you name it. Chemistry is rightfully called the “central science” because it connects other sciences to each other, such as biology, physics, geology and environmental science. Because of this, Alchemy sessions’ mainly focus on exploring the chemistry of everyday objects and phenomena. By linking chemical knowledge and theory to practical knowledge, we hope to ignite Alchemist’s thirst for knowledge and an attitude of inquisition.

Alchemy Club’s sessions are far from mundane, as we cover Chemistry topics which are usually out of syllabus, interesting and have real-life applications. Topics out of the H2 syllabus are usually covered to broaden exposure to Chemistry. Sessions include presentations on areas of interest such as food chemistry, complex coloured salts, electrochemistry, and many more. Members also present on whatever interests them.  Practical lab sessions are also included, where a whole range of experiments from cheese and ice-cream making to interesting experiments to even synthesizing compounds.

Besides practical sessions, the Club has a range of activities catering to everyone. Games such as buzzer-round quizzes are sure to excite club members, while discussion sessions on quirky topics such as solvated electrons keep Alchemists’ mind as broad and diverse as possible. Alchemy Club satiates the curiosity of the inquisitive with many chances for interaction.  A whole range of exciting events are lined up for Alchemists every year, including organizing the Inter-house science challenge, as well as co-hosting events such as the biannual Eureka! Quiz and the RI-Maurick Water Conference, which is to be held next year (2014).  No moment will be dull in a Alchemist’s life – our explosive events are set to engage young minds and transform them!

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