Study Go Where? A Rafflesian Warrior’s Guide (Part II)

by Daniella Low (14A01B) and Gao Wenxin (14A03A)

In a follow-up to our previous article on some of the more conventional study areas favoured by Rafflesians, we present to you the unconventional. Now that you are sufficiently acquainted with the common study areas, why not take the road less travelled? We explore some of the more quirky and unconventional spots on One Raffles Institution Lane. It is Man vs. Wild – Rafflesian Mugger edition!

Well, you certainly can't complain that your workplace is too cluttered when studying here

Well, you certainly can’t complain that your workplace is too cluttered when studying here

Stone benches (level 1, stretches from canteen to area behind Theatre Studies room)

We discovered this place courtesy of the RJ Confessions page. This is almost like a secret paradise within the campus. A secret mugging paradise, of course. There are no distractions, but a lot of greenery, and it is hidden from view. The environment is perfect for the hardcore student, or group discussions. Bring along a portable fan (rough paper is fine too) to cool yourself down, as it can get very humid.

Bring a cold drink along with you when mugging here - you won't regret it!

Bring a cold drink along with you when mugging here – you won’t regret it!

The Mirrors (Block B, level 2 outside LT1)

The mirrors are the territory of the dancers, who hold practice sessions there regularly. For some, it is the familiarity of the place that draws them there.  For others, it is an alternative to the hustle and bustle of conventional study areas. And of course, there is the draw of great music (and great dancing!).

For Tyronne Toh (14A01A), convenience is a key factor. “It’s close to a toilet, and it’s fairly close to the canteen!”

Great place to reflect on those pesky Math assignments

Great place to reflect on those pesky Math assignments

Amphitheatre (Block C, level 1)

At both the amphitheatre (or amphi, for short) and the parade square, we spent about half an hour in each place studying, just to get a feel of the place. The amphi is the place for those who like the sound of frisbees whizzing past their ears or the excitement of an ongoing game. You can even enjoy the occasional musician playing on the piano nearby. An immersive experience for those who wish to fulfil the Cognitive, Sports & Health, and Arts & Aesthetics part of the RD all at once!

However, there are no tables so you’ll have to get creative. Be careful not to let these studying poses degenerate into sleeping positions, as your safety comes first. We do not recommend being hit in the face by a frisbee or floorball stick.

Watching the various sports CCAs train here is often more fun than mugging

Watching the various sports CCAs train here is often more fun than mugging

Parade square (Block E, level 1M)

The parade square has always been the place to go for stargazing. But studying? We doubt anyone has tried it. It was thus with great trepidation that we approached the parade square. Furthermore, anyone walking along the corridors would be able to look down and see two strange girls studying under the hot sun – not something we looked forward to. But the experience turned out to be much better than expected. For starters, there was a certain thrill and adrenaline rush to studying out in the open. The thought that we were probably the only ones in the entire school to try this was exhilarating. Under the big blue sky, it felt like nothing was impossible (even parametric equations) – the sky’s the limit, literally.

The parade square is a must-try for those who love the open sky, or are just seeking to add a bit of a thrill to their mugging experience. However, the availability of this study area is subject to the lightning alert. Kids, do not attempt this during a storm!


There are, without a doubt, other potential study areas waiting to be discovered in our huge school campus. Why not memorise your Bio notes by the Biodiversity Pond or lock in those Newton’s laws by the lockers? Find a place that suits you and encourages you to do your best (whatev’r the test).

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