Preview: The Audition

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By Claire Yip (13A01A)

Most of us should have seen the rather unnerving video with a masked man and Pink Panther soundtrack in the canteen, or the ‘minimalist’ posters around the school.

‘We wanted to be unique’

What is this all about? Fortunately (or unfortunately) it does not involve the mafia. With all the mystery surrounding this concert, we decided to unearth the facts by speaking to Sun Gangyi (12S06R) of the COMMA team.

Why should we go for The Audition?

The storyline is going to be very interesting and we have extremely cool performers coming from all walks of life so it won’t be a typical charity concert. Sammmydee and TheSingaporeRapper, both famous local YouTube stars, will be performing for our show, as well as other talents like Selina Tang (violin) and Max Ko (contemporary dance). All proceeds will go towards street children in Cambodia so bring all your classmates/OGmates/whatever and you can have a good time while doing good!

Oh, we’ll also be selling 老伴豆花 (Lao Ban bean curd). Come get it without the queue!

What does the title have to do with the concert? 

We have a storyline that will revolve around all the performances, and basically the storyline will follow the lives of 3 characters as they fight for a position of power. Watch as they flirt, frighten, fight, and ultimately try to kill each other. Who gets to run the show? YOU get to decide!

What’s up with the dubious mafia posters?

We wanted to be unique and minimalist and create a little bit of suspense for The Audition. Did it work?

Hmm. What is COMMA? 

COMMA is actually short for “COMMA, cos service never stops!” and basically we’re just a student-initiated group hoping to do something for the street kids in Cambodia! Last year, we went over to Anjali House and Sunrise Orphanage in Siem Reap, Cambodia. We set up libraries and a garden and also conducted lessons for a week. This year, we will be heading there again, hopefully helping them to create more sustainable projects that’ll ultimately benefit the children staying there.


If the event publicity has piqued your interest, we hope this preview has marginally satisfied it. The COMMA team will be guarding a ticket booth in the outskirts of the canteen throughout the week, or alternatively one can post on their Facebook event page.

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