CCA Previews 2018

CCA Previews ’18: Raffles Runway

Reading Time: 4 minutes

By Raffles Runway

“Why create? Why spend 3 hours drawing and making something from scratch for a one-time show?”

It’s easy for us to face these questions time and time again. It’s even easier for the title of this article to catch one’s attention, and you’re probably reading this because we’re pretty sure there isn’t any other JC in the country with a CCA like ours. If you take a good tour around the school, you may come across a little enclave with a group of students sometimes nodding off with a pencil in hand, or perhaps tangled up in thread and rolls of fabric. Now this group of students calls themselves Raffles Runway, or really just “Runway”. It is home to the most tight-knit, yet diverse bunch of 8 students brought together by nothing but an extraordinary love for fashion design, but it takes more than this love to show that Runway is really more than just that.

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CCA Previews ’18: Raffles Photographic Society

Reading Time: 2 minutes

By Raffles Photographic Society

The event is starting. The sports CCA is warming up for their finals match. The performing arts CCA is taking the stage. Your batchmates are streaming in for a party. Amidst the noise and chaos is a point of silence and stillness. This figure is unobtrusive, clad in black from head to toe. It’s a Raffles Photographer. Even the camera is black. The crowd quiets. The shutter clicks.

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CCA Previews ’18: Raffles One Earth

Reading Time: 3 minutes

By Raffles One Earth

We may not be the Animal Liberation Front in Okja, the recent satire on genetically modified food, or Erin Brockovich in the critically-acclaimed biographical film Erin Brockovich, but we, Raffles One Earth, would like to believe that as a small, close-knit family of your everyday Rafflesians, we can make a difference. From managing our school’s recycling bins to calling for a change in our school’s current conservation efforts or reaching out to the community through our advocacy efforts, there is always something that drives us to meet every Friday afternoon to discuss how we can be of service to our environment.

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CCA Previews ’18: Raffles Interact

Reading Time: 2 minutes

By Raffles Interact

Service is in the little things – even the smallest acts of kindness hold the potential to have an immeasurable impact on the lives we touch. Raffles Interact isn’t just a platform for revolutionary service projects to take flight, it’s also an avenue for you to make a huge impact with these small actions. And all you need to do to begin this journey of service with us is to take that first step, to reach out to those in need, and to serve with your heart.

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CCA Previews ’18: Raffles Debaters

Reading Time: 4 minutes

By Yeo Shi Wen (18A13A), Chairperson

So you are wandering around the B block fourth floor corridors on a dim Monday evening when you see, out of nowhere, a brightly lit classroom. Angry shouting punctuated by peals of delirious laughter occasionally erupt from this classroom and it is populated by a strange, Chill-eating, argument-loving species of students. Or you are in school on a Saturday morning and you encounter troops of people lurching towards the B block classrooms, bleary eyed and coffee fed. If either of these has ever happened to you, congratulations! You have encountered our rare breed – the Raffles Debaters.

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