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A Goodbye to Our Wonton Mee Vendors

By Clara Chai (22A01D) and Phang Duncan (22A13B)

Wonton mee vendors Mr Chew (left) and Mdm Lee (right)

Hectic, unfamiliar, intense… such were the emotions that Mr Chew and Mdm Lee carried in their hearts on their first day at RI over a decade ago. Since then, they’ve had their fair share of ups and downs, but as they doled out their final bowl of wonton mee on 27th August 2021, Mr Chew admitted that the experience has been ‘a very happy one’.

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Teachers’ Day 2021: We Like To Move It

By Faith Ho Enki (22A01A) and Mei Feifei (22A13A)

Blue ring octopus? Say goodbye. If your thumb happens to be there, then bye bye!

In this Teacher’s Day Special, we explore the thrilling adventures of our adrenaline-filled teachers: Ms Chuang Sulynn (Literature), Mr Jason Teo (Economics), Ms Michelle Kwok (Knowledge Skills, KI) and Ms Shafarina Binte Sujak (Knowledge Skills, GP). 

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