Lara Tan (22A01B)

A Very Potter Musical: Friendship Is Magic

Reading Time: 8 minutes

By Lara Tan (22A01B), Mei Feifei (22A13A), Mirella Ang (22A01C), and Natalie Tan (23A01B)

Photos from Raffles Photographic Society and Koo Yu Tang (22S06B)

A Very Potter Musical isn’t your typical Broadway musical. 

For one, it has never actually been performed in the glamorous limelights of Broadway, or the West End for that matter. It isn’t a huge commercial blockbuster like Hamilton, neither is it particularly well-known to most musical theatre-goers. 

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Raffles Reads: Around the World in 68 Days

Reading Time: 4 minutes

By Mei Feifei (22A13A)

Raffles Reads is a collaboration between Raffles Press and Times Reads which aims to promote a reading culture among Singaporean students.

Rating: 3.5/5

Koh Buck Song’s Around the World in 68 Days is a travelogue featuring 13 countries he visited in the span of 68 days in 2018, the golden days pre-Covid-19. Around the World promises “insights into 13 countries’ ancient and modern cultures, national identities and brands, and their place in the world today”.

The 13 stations of Koh’s voyage.

 Around the World is easily intriguing for anyone who stumbles across it in a bookstore: what better way to cure wanderlust than to read about another person’s travels, especially with an itinerary as extensive and unconventional as Koh’s? As an experienced national brand advisor, Koh’s book also offers more than a mere collection of #travelholic moments. 

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Raffles Community Advocates: From Foreign to Friend

Reading Time: 5 minutes

By Mei Feifei (22A13A) and Noh Sangeun (23S06Q) 

A house comes hand-in-hand with family — or not, if you live in a house hundreds of miles from your hometown, with people who speak an alien language, in an unfamiliar city that has little love for you. 

This is the predicament faced by many foreign domestic workers (FDWs) in Singapore. It is common knowledge that they are often subjected to exploitation by unscrupulous recruiters, compounded by the fact that they are not protected by the Employment Act. 

But beyond the kind of blatant abuse that makes the headlines, there often also exists a subtle sense of alienation that arises from the complexities of our relationship with our FDWs.

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Ori’22 Behind-The-Scenes Podcast Episode 3: OGLs

Reading Time: < 1 minute

By Mei Feifei (22A13A), Mirella Ang (22A01C)

With hosting by Hong Wan Jing (22S06F), and guests Go Maomi Rosseli (22A13A), Megan Sierra Chan (22A13B), Trevor Lee (22A13A), Yu Xuan Tan (22S07A)

Orientation is undoubtedly a wonderful highlight for most Year 5s coming into RI, fresh from their secondary school days. But what really went on behind-the-scenes? How did the Year 6s make the programme run so smoothly? Was everything as wondrous as they had hoped? We invited 15 Year 6s involved in this year’s Orientation to spill the tea on everything Wonderland.

This is Episode #3 of the Press Podcast: Ori’22 Edition.

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