CCA Previews ’23: Soccer (Girls)

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By Park Claire, Lim Ee Hsuen Audrey, Chew Shao Yee, Rene Seow

Hi! We are Soccer (Girls)! We love to play and have fun!

We’ll come clean. There will be flying balls that  occasionally hit you. There will be times when you get stepped on or kicked by studded boots. And there most definitely will be times when you get shoved so hard you pause to think about what sport you’re actually playing. Nevertheless, there is no greater satisfaction than the sound a football makes as it finds its way into the back of a net and the dumbfounded expressions of your teammates when you score the most absurd goals. (Of course, other than laughing at your batchmates’ most ridiculous falls.)

If fitness concerns put you off from joining us, don’t worry! Our trials include only fundamental skills of soccer –– basic passing, trapping of the ball and shooting. Fret not, there are no prerequisite skills required to join us! In fact, most of us had sedentary lifestyles till last year, when doing any form of exercise was rarer than snow in Singapore. Even so, that did not stop us from pushing our limits with the unshakable resolve to keep improving :D

Being a sports CCA, there is no doubt that soccer requires a significant level of commitment – we have Physical Training (PT) on Monday 4:30-6:30pm, and ball training on Tuesdays and Fridays (4:30-7:30pm). Even though there are brief stand-downs for around a month before CTs and Promos, you can definitely look forward to having fun training sessions with your teammates all year round.

Of course, you may also expect a peak in training sessions during the National School Games (NSGs) held from around April to May every year; of which, we managed to clinch third place previously! On top of that, you can definitely look forward to inter-school carnivals where you will get a chance to play against numerous other schools!

At the end of the day, despite our dreaded 4km PT runs and despite soccer encompassing your whole life, nothing will ever beat the bonds you form with your batchmates as you navigate the thick and thin of balancing training and school. Joining such a high-commitment CCA like soccer in JC can be overwhelming and is definitely no walk in the park, but it is a decision none of us regret. So, if you’re up for a challenge, enjoy running under the sun and are willing to fight and train hard, come join us!

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