CCA Previews ’23: Raffles Modern Dance

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By Chloe Tan, Chairperson; Anna Lim, Vice-Chairperson; Corliss Ong, Secretary, Treasurer and Wardrobe Mistress

Raffles Modern Dance is a close-knit community consisting of dancers who explore, appreciate and deepen our understanding of contemporary dance together. Our instructor, Mr Goh Shou Yi, teaches us not only about the intricacies of dance, but its technicalities as well. Under our instructor’s guidance, our dancers evolve into passionate and confident individuals. 

Here’s what you can expect from a typical CCA session: We take turns to lead warm-ups, bonding through the  shared experience of tough but needful conditioning exercises. Cardio and strength-building exercises are a must-have to warm our bodies and also to strengthen our technical foundations.

The rest of the session typically includes learning and performing set combinations and new choreography, or preparing for upcoming events like SYF. We really enjoy every CCA session, as we get to become comfortable with our bodies and express our emotions through the speech of movements. As a CCA, we aim to derive joy from our dancing and bring joy to our audiences.

CCA sessions are held twice a week, on Mondays (4.15pm–6.15pm) and Wednesdays (8.15am- 10.45am). Nearing performances, practice durations may be lengthened and their frequency increased to three times a week, with an additional practice day on Friday. 

Everyone is welcome to sign up, and no prior dance background is necessary. (Guys can join too!) No matter who you are, we would really love to have you join our Modern dance family <3 Come and have fun with us!

Here is a video preview of what life in Modern Dance looks like:

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