CCA Previews ’23: Astronomy Club

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By Shrimay Bikash Saikia (23S03L), Vice-Chairperson; Zhao Tianqin Oscar (23S06S), Vice-Chairperson

“The sun goes down, the stars come out / And all that counts is here and now. / Your universe will never be the same ‘cos you’ll be glad you came — to Astro!”  

Amidst the hustle and bustle of JC, Astro is the family you can depend on. Whether you’ve always had an astrophysical fascination with black holes, an astrological interest in wishing on a star for your A level grades, or a desire to connect with a special someone who’s just the perfect fit… for your star sign, we can promise you your time in Astro will be well worth it.

What are CCA Sessions like?

Astronomers know how to work hard and play hard—after all, we’re experts at doing it in the dark. We have 1 session weekly on Tuesdays from 6.30pm-9.30pm.

The typical CCA session includes a short lecture, lots of fun and games, and stargazing! Yes, you read that right! If you’ve ever wanted to use a telescope, Raffles Astronomers has plenty of them for you to enjoy as you gaze deep into the depths of nebulae, colourful stars, and galaxies.

Astro members stargazing during a CCA session.

We also hold special stargazing sessions throughout the year to view rare astronomical events. In 2023, you can look forward to a solar eclipse in April, a lunar eclipse in May, and various planetary oppositions — the best time in many years to view them. Don’t miss the chance!

Seriously, that’s it?

For the more insatiable among us who thirst incessantly for knowledge, fret not. We know what you want.

We regularly take part in prestigious competitions such as the Singapore Astronomy Olympiad (affiliated to the International Astronomy and Astrophysics Olympiad) and NUS-NTU Astrochallenge. In fact, despite the stiff competition, RI has been the reigning champion of Astrochallenge since last year!

Our 2021 Astrochallenge team!

Many of our members say they’ve benefitted from the training we provide for these competitions, and even more from the friendships they’ve forged through these memorable experiences.

But I want more!

No problem! We’re glad you’re loving Astro already! We also host events throughout the year to connect with and give back to the wider community as a CCA. Our yearly carnival, AstroNite, is where we set up booths and games to share our undying passion for Astronomy with the public! We also host a competition for secondary schools called Astrigue to inspire them to learn more about the wonders of the cosmos.

Astronite 2021.

But remember! These are only some of the many cool things you can look forward to because Astro is special… 

special because we’re all about YOU! Our members are more than welcome to propose their own initiatives and events for the club to take part in, so really, the only limit to what you get to do in your time in Astro is your imagination. 

Should I really join?

Well, just remember that at the end of the day, CCA in JC is really about what you want. And if you’re looking for a safe space to unwind at the end of the long day with fun, friends and stars, Astro could be the CCA for you.

What are you waiting for? Doesn’t matter if you’re all-party or all-brainy, Astronomy Club’s a place for everyone — no prior experience required! Join us on a journey among the stars or an idyllic evening under the moonlight: the choice is yours!

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