CCA Previews ’18: Basketball

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By Shannon Tiong (18S07B), Girls’ Captain and Jung Sang Bum (18S06R), Boys’ Vice-Captain

Do you like pushing yourself to your limits? Strong teamwork? Bonding through shared trauma? If so, look no further than our family, Raffles Basketball.

(We’re kidding about the shared trauma, by the way.)

This year, the girls are aiming high once more, looking to keep up our streak as National Champions. The boys’ team is also aiming to reclaim the trophy after winning it two years in a row in 2015 and 2016. It will be a tough journey—full of long, tiring trainings, conditionings, and friendly matches—but hey, the reward is more than worth it.

bball 1
Our victory last year!

Not to worry, however, because while we may dread training, we have plenty of other exciting things to look forward to before the fight for the A Division National Basketball Championship begins. Some exciting events to look forward to this year include tournaments against other JCs to get more experience under our belt, and a training trip to Hong Kong during the March holidays. We intend to gain invaluable experience playing with teams there as well as to squeeze in more practice as the A Division matches approach.

Here’s a picture of everyone during the Taiwan trip held in 2017!

bball 2

All of us are like family here in Raffles Basketball. We train, fail, and win as a team, making unforgettable memories and amazing friends along the way. Whether we are on or off the court, we have each other’s backs, and the entire CCA is like a one big family, with people whom you can always rely on. Join us if you have the passion and the right attitude towards the game, and wish to experience a fun-filled journey in your RI life. Just because you do not have any prior experience playing basketball doesn’t mean you will be any less welcome here!

Dream. Team. Fight. Win.


Editor’s note: This article has been edited from its original submission.

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