CCA Previews ’18: Raffles Street Dance

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By Lim En Li Coco (18S05A), Chairperson; Teo Yao Neng (18S06R), Vice-Chairperson; Elysia Tong Xin Wei (18S03N), Secretary; Shaikha Husna Binte Mustaffa Alkhatib (18S03S), Welfare IC; Alex Lim Yishuen (18S03T), Treasurer

Every batch of RSD is different in its own special way. We are a bunch of fun-loving crazy people brought together by our common love for dance. We may not have come from the same backgrounds or similar dance experience levels, but through all the hours we spent together in and outside of CCA practice sessions, we have certainly become closer and stronger as our own batch of 27.

We are lucky to have dedicated teachers-in-charge and our instructor Ms Stefanie Leong (or Ms Steffi!) who take care of us and help us grow in so many ways. Street isn’t just a CCA about dance – it’s a home away from home where our dancers can feel free and happy to pursue their interests in dance and are given the opportunities to develop themselves both physically and mentally to be better dancers and more importantly, better people.

In Street, we are offered opportunities to perform both within the school at official school events and outside of school where we dance for the name of Raffles. We are invited to perform at school events such as National Day, Teacher’s Day, and we also have our very own Showcase in J2.

Earlier this year, we participated in an island-wide competition known as Super 24 (organised by O School) under the guidance of our instructors Ms Steffi and Ms Rachel. It encouraged the values of teamwork and unity. Our experience in participating in this competition has not only given us many fond memories to look back on, but also exposed us to the massive dance scene in Singapore and taught us many lessons through all the obstacles we faced and overcame together. 

(Click to see our qualifiers video and our finals video from the competition.)

rsd 2
RSD at Super 24 Finals :)
rsd 3
Super 24 Qualifiers!

We meet every Monday and Wednesday for practices where we sweat it out as we drill our bodies during physical trainings and dance our hearts out to the blaring music inside the multi-purpose studio. Practices may increase to three times a week when performances or competition dates draw near. A typical practice session would begin with warm-ups, physical conditioning, and basic dance drills, before we proceed to learning dance choreographies and cleaning up our routines.

Ultimately, Raffles Street Dance is made up of people from diverse backgrounds all sharing a common passion for dance. Though our CCA has only been around for 7 years, we have a line of dedicated seniors who come back to help guide us for our major events such as Super 24 and Showcase and also come back to give us advice and teach us choreographies from time to time.

rsd 1
RSD Street Camp 2017

If this sounds like what you want in your 2 years here at RJC, we are excited to welcome you to our family! Come for auditions where you will be taught a short dance routine and be required to perform it and do a short freestyle – key things we look out for would be your willingness to learn and your passion for dance. :) See you at our auditions!

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