A day in the life of: A Math Club Member

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This article is part of the CCA Previews for 2016.

By Cong Feng (Vice-Chairman), Liu Yijia (Chairman), Yang Gan (Vice-Chairman) and Sheldon Tan (Secretary) (16S06E)

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Math Club ’15

It may be difficult to condense everything an average member does in a regular session at Math Club into a few words, especially when an “average member” and a “regular session” hardly exist. However, one thing Math Club never fails to accomplish is to make each session the best 90 minutes you have had that week. Equations and fractions not your cup of tea? Graphs make you nauseous? Fret not, for we guarantee that our activities each week are flexible enough to ensure that all members will have the time of their lives.

Every session comprises of either something you had chosen to focus on (be it actual math, Rubik’s cube, puzzles, arithmetic games etc.) or a mystery activity (past examples include origami, advanced origami, folding paper aeroplanes). As to what exactly you can learn from Math Club, it is entirely up you. We will provide the tools and support you, regardless of whether you desire to be the fastest Sudoku solver or if you just want to interact with other math-loving people. Even if your endeavor might seem frivolous, we will be there to help and create masterpieces such as the Great Enchanted Ring (which was so good it became our mascot). Of course, opportunities to take part in competitions and olympiads are also available for the individuals wishing to challenge the process and test their limits.

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Great Enchanted Ring (Origami)

And of course, how can we ensure that each member has their exhilarating moments without including fun segments in every session? First and most importantly we guarantee food. Yes, ample snacks will be available every session. However, don’t expect extravagant gourmet unless you’re willing to contribute exorbitant amounts to our funds. Next, a combined camp with our junior schools RI (Y1-4) and RGS is held annually, in which heartwarming tales of friendship, teamwork and plain silly fun blossom. Last but not least, the fun seeking nature of the Math community will most definitely make you feel contented and right at home.

Math Club is, in purest terms, none other than a gathering of random people who really want to do random things. Looking forward to develop your project on the geometry of elliptic curves? Seeking opportunities to pick up a mathematical hobby? Or simply desiring an air-conditioned environment to pass time while you do Sudoku and eat Oreos? Math Club is more than willing to accompany you across every step of your JC life. At the end of the day, you will experience one of the following:

  1. Yea I finally broke my Rubik’s cube record :D
  2. Urgh I ate too many snacks :’(
  3. Both

Regardless of which, one thing is for certain: you had a good laugh and a good time.


Note: Trial sessions are on the 21st and 28th of Jan, and we will be conducting sessions of the AMAZING (foolish) things that we do here in Math Soc.

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