CCA Preview ’13: Street Dance

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Raffles Street Dance is a young CCA, officially established only 4 years ago, in 2010. However, it had been growing as a Student Interest Group since many years ago, and Street Dance has come a long way since then. The CCA organised its first dance concert just last year, titled ABCD – Anybody Can Dance. Other than ABCD, Street Dance also performs for various events such as Take 5, National Day, and more. Last year, we also organised RI’s inaugural IHC Dancefeste.

ABCD 2012
ABCD 2012

We care strongly about all Streeters’ welfare, which is why we make it a point to organise a camp every year for the new J1s to induct them into the CCA properly. We hope that through the camp, and also through various bonding activities and outings planned throughout the year, all Street Dancers will be able to call Street their home away from home.

Street Dance aims to give its members the opportunity to learn from an experienced instructor, Stefanie Leong, so that they will be able to improve their dance technique in a fun yet safe way, improve their fitness and mental endurance, and also get to try out different styles of dance. We hope that through its members’ experience in the CCA, Street Dancers will learn to lean on their CCA for support and encouragement, especially through physically gruelling activities, and be able to grow as a team player and balance out each others’ strengths and weaknesses as we develop our own unique style of dancing.

ABCD 2012
ABCD 2012

Street Dance places the growth of its CCA members as a top priority. We place special emphasis on character development and learning. In Street, we hope to forge meaningful friendships with people with common interests, allowing us also to fuel our love and passion for dance.

We also hope to be a CCA that contributes not just to the school community, but the community outside of school as well. Street Dance has, in the past 2 years, taken up CIP projects such as helping children prepare for their talent show performance at Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home.

The CCA’s regular practices are on Monday and Wednesday afternoons, though the practice sessions do increase as performances draw near. Our practices include physical training, dance basics drills, and the learning and practising of dance choreography. We also gather to discuss any issues that the CCA needs to handle together during these sessions.

If you want to be a part of the Raffles Street Dance family, sign up for our trials! You will be required to learn a simple dance routine during the trials and perform it afterwards. We hope to see you there!

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