CCA Preview ’13: Audio-Visual Unit

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By Melissa Tham 13SO5A

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Although getting CIP hours and watching free concerts is very appealing, there is definitely more to Audio Visual Unit (AVU). AVU is the CCA that keeps your numerous school concerts and events going. We control what happens behind the scenes, from the most basic — making sure the stage is lit when it’s supposed to be, and enabling the performer to be heard over the crowd through the use of the microphones— to the more complex—controlling the sound quality of the instruments as it blasts from the speakers, and spinning the moving lights so it truly feels like  a rock concert!

Other than the tangible benefits of many CIP hours (active members can easily attain 150 hours over the CCA year), AVU members have lots of opportunities to meet people from many other CCAs, especially performing arts, from the events that AVU does. Working with various performers does allow members to expand their social circle and make new friends, especially after numerous rehearsals! Moreover, audio-visual geeks will love playing with the cool equipment we have in school. The experience of being in the control room and literally controlling the situation (lights, sounds, action!) is a very enriching one. The job satisfaction comes from the feeling of working under pressure, striving to do your best during the actual event when there are no second chances, and finally seeing the audience leave with happy faces.


The CCA does not have regular sessions; attendance comes from serving at compulsory events like morning assembly and covering events. This ad-hoc system means that AVU members independently sign up for events that they are free to go for, which may be beneficial for those with unusual schedules.

Training camps are conducted after induction, where the technical knowledge will be taught to the new members. Most of the learning comes “on the job”, especially in the events right after training, as Year 6 members will teach and guide new members to manage an event well. General Meetings are also conducted occasionally for the CCA members to meet up, have fun, and bond with each other! In addition to continuous event coverage throughout the year, the CCA will meet for induction, orientation training camps, media training, as well as handover and farewell around May.

While some might have the misperception that AVU is a slack CCA due to the lack of regular sessions or how members get to go for free concerts, active members will testify that successfully coordinating the lights and sounds of an event is a rewarding challenge that does not come easy.

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As the Technical Head Lucy Luo (13S06R) says, “AVU is a fun and worthwhile CCA to join, not just for the paper benefits of the CIP hours, but more importantly for the experience of working with different people and excelling under pressure. Also, the technical part is really fun!” Furthermore, as current member Joanne Tan (13S06R) says, “AVU has been a really great CCA to me. I really treasure the experiences I’ve had and the people I’ve gotten to know through AVU.”

Look out for our interviews come CCA feste, and join us if you are interested!

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